Zorra’s (HollowEarth) show transcript – Dec 10/2014

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Intro Music, Tech problems, [4:03]
Beginning dialogue

Anne:     Our old theme song played. It’s very dear to my heart: “Running on the water, coming to the edge, your sons and daughters.”

Here we are. We’re coming to the edge guys.

This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to our Wednesday night, one-hour call … as we announce it. It extended into two hours last week because Zorra was gracious enough to make sure no question was left unanswered.

It’s December 10, 2014 at 6 PM mountain time.

Intro To Zaraya
We’ll be linking with Zaraya, son of Zorra who arrived here on the surface in 1951 as a little 4 or 5-year-old and he spent all their time trying to get somebody to listen, and finally in April of 2011, six of us did, and now there’s thousands.  That’s the summation. The whole story is there onBlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork.com. You can hear it in Zaraya’s own words when he was asked by the Council to come up here and make a link-up between the civilization inside of our planet and the one here on the surface that needed so much help.

So with that I’m going to introduce you to Zaraya and his other half, Quazar. They’ll be narrating. They won’t be here long because not only does Zaraya allow his father, Zorra to occupy his body when they trade bodies, but Quazar is also adept at it now and she allows Zorra’s other half, Saryya, to trade bodies and speak to us through Quazar’s body. So we’ll first be talking to Zaraya and Quazar and before we know it we’ll be talking to Zorra and Saryya. And with that I’m opening up the line and turning it over to Zaraya and Quazar. Come on guys.

Zaraya:  Well hello. The call will be no more than an hour, and maybe 15 min. after that, but not more than that.

Anne:     Is there a reason why it’s been shortened so much Zaraya? We’re at a crucial time right now and I’ve got a load of questions piled up. Zorra must be very intensely involved that we can only have an hour of his time.

Zaraya:  Yes. Especially for today, anyway.

Anne:     Things have changed but it’s necessary and desirable that we prepare ourselves properly when we all join together here with all of our energies. We’re going to do the Violet Flame invocation and then the White Pillar of Light of Protection.

This particular invocation to the Violet Flame of Protection is from the I AM Discourse series of books as dictated by St Germain through Godfre Ray King back in the ‘30s.

The Violet Flame has been a special dispensation given to mankind. It is a state of grace to allow us to release ourselves from the burden of mistakes that we’ve all made at one time or another. For those times we wish we had never done it, never said it, or thought it, the Violet Flame is there to erase it.

On our website, HollowEarthNetwork.com, you’ll see a figure standing with the Violet Flame all around. This soothing, forgiving, releasing, transmuting Violet Flame affecting not only our physical body but our emotional, spiritual, and all of our other Light bodies as well.


And so we’ll stand there with our feet flat on the ground. Our hands with the palms facing earth so the Flame can come up through the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, into all of our bodies as we say the following:

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, now and forever, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

I say this four times in my meditations. We’ve been told that saying a short mantra, invocation, or affirmation four times makes it very effective.

Continue to stand and linger and allow that soothing Violet Flame to consume and transmute these erratic energies that are troubling us so that we can move on to higher elevations of consciousness.

We don’t want to be stuck in something we did wrong. Everybody’s made mistakes and we have to learn how to be willing to let it go and give it to the Violet Flame. Then someday, when the subject comes up or something reminds you, that energy isn’t there. It’s all okay. There’s nothing there to trouble us.


Our second invocation is the White Pillar of Protection as was given to us by Lord Ashtar through his beloved twin flame, Pallas Athena, who very meticulously takes down every word as given.

We’re going to call on the White Pillar of Protection as we enter together into this interaction.

I recommend putting your hands together above your head. Fingers pointing to our own I AM Presence because this is an internal job. It’s interacted between us and our own beloved I AM Presence.

So we call to our Presences and as this pillar (it’s a solid pillar, not a tube,) comes down, think of it as going out 3 feet in every direction from the edge of our bodies. Start with hands together at the top and slowly draw that beautiful pillar down into a nice snuggly, protective cocoon.


Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white light cosmic substance in, through, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.

I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.

As above, so below.

Thank you. And over to you Zaraya and Quazar.


Quazar:  Thank you beloved Lady Nada. And hello everyone! How are all of our family members doing? We hope that you are doing well. And we’re not talking well in terms of prosperity because that is still to come.

Before Zaraya leaves to allow Zorra come through, he is going to address a question that we received in regards to pyramid homes.


Zaraya:  There are several sites on the internet that talk about building pyramid homes. One in particular is the Research and Development for Better Living. It’s called the Korvelo Group. They consult, they design, and they’re engineering companies. Get information at info@korvelo.com. They can send you all the floor plans, where everything would go, concerning the electricity, concerning the plumbing, the land, and everything that would be required to build such a home. They’re experts at it so you might want to give them a look-see atwww.korvelo.com. That would give you all the information you need for building a pyramid home.

Quazar:  Zaraya is going to be leaving now and we’ll be talking with Zorra in a couple of seconds.

Zorra:     Indeed. Indeed beloved masters – as you all are masters, gods and goddesses … I always remind you of that.


RV STATUS, et al
Zorra:     Of course the question on everyone’s mind is ‘Where is the RV?’

What is termed as the RV revaluation of currencies has already been what is termed agreed upon by all countries. Now they are just doing what is termed as fine tuning the procedure for dispersing the funds. We know that is not what you want to hear. You want a date! But I will not give you a date because that is not my way.


Quazar:  Remember how we knew through you it was “done,” and then it wasn’t done, and then we listened to Tony and D.C. and they’d say it should happen this weekend? They always say it’s going to happen and it’s been very disappointing when it doesn’t. People’s emotions are going up and down and getting excited and then getting depressed over it.

So is this still the cabal that’s at play here?


Zorra:     No, the cabal is not the issue. The cabal is just what is termed as players that are trying to push their weight around, but they are realizing that their weight is weightless. So they have no more weight to push around to be what is termed in the way of the blessing that is coming upon you. That is a no thing.

Nidle’s Recent Message re Cabal and RV
Quazar:  [paraphrased] Shelden Nidle’s message alludes to the RV being here for all of us before Christmas.

Zorra:     That is a plan, yes. That is a plan to have yourself a very merry Christmas. And of course that would allude to what is termed as receiving the blessing. This is what we are all wanting to manifest.

Quazar:  So can we feel, at least, that this is the final go-around with this RV, Zorra?

Zorra:     As I said, that is the plan. That is the Divine Plan with Prime Creator and also with Archangel Michael. He is doing what is termed as putting a force field around those that will be making the decisions and nothing will be coming against them to disrupt it.

Anne:     Shelden Nidle actually indicated that they’re going to arrest those that have persisted in constantly blocking this. Every time the procedure begins, it gets stopped dead in its tracks at the U.N. and the indications are no one has any intention of changing their mind. Shelden’s message said they’re they’re going to be arrested and taken out of the system so that we can move forward without resistance. Is this your opinion as well?

Zorra:     I would say they are doing what is termed as putting them in a situation they cannot argue with, meaning they will be taken and put in a place where they can do no harm.

Anne:     Yeah, out of our way where they cannot interact with our lives anymore.


Bank Workers Now Able to Participate in RV
Quazar:  We also got an email talking about how there are few banks where they have exchanged the wealth managers and their families and the other wealth managers don’t know about it. There’s a lot of upheaval and a lot of anger and discontentment there as well. So how is that all going to get resolved?

Zorra:     Well, what is termed as the … what is the phrase that people use … the ‘proverbial cat is out of the bag!’ Indeed. So what is termed as the wealth managers and banks that were not privy to the information have now received the information. Knowing that all the lies that they were telling their people, that they were telling their clients, that they were telling their wealth managers, that they were telling what is termed their employees, are now out in the open. And they will be able to partake in this blessing. The employees of these banks also will not be left out.

Quazar (bless her heart!) Pushes For RV Specifics
Quazar:  Okay, I’m going to take this further now. (Zorra: I know you are!) So if that is the case – and that’s only really fair that they should – we also hear that the more people that know about it, the less there will be for us, the public. Could you just address that a little bit and also the rates?


Zorra:     I knew you were going to sneak that one in! It [the supply] is not going to dwindle as you term it. There is abundance for everyone that is involved. There is not gong to be what is termed as numbers going down, and less and less available. We have told you that you are going to get a forest and that is what you are going to get.

Quazar:  Well then talking about the forest, Zorra. could you tell us about the rates that Tony and D.C. don’t know about.

Zorra:     What Tony and D.C. do know or do not know is they’re not telling us. They already know the rates.

Quazar:  What are they then Zorra?

Zorra:     (chuckling) I will tell you that what is termed as the rates on what is termed contract rates are in double digits on the dinar.

Quazar:  And what about the dong?

Zorra:     And the dong is between the single digit and the double digit.

Quazar:  You seem to be able to give us numbers. Is there any way you can give us numbers?

Zorra:     I could give you a number but it would change the next hour. It is in what is termed an up and down floating scale. They have not come to what is termed as any agreed amount or agreed rate. It is going up and down.

Quazar:  So why is that going up and down? Why are they still thinking about whether it’s going to be a high rate or a low rate?

Zorra:     What is influencing it?  Oil. The cost of oil.

And pretty soon, of course you also understand that oil is not going to be an issue because you are going to have an alternative means of powering everything. And it will not have to do with oil. It will not have to do with diesel or gasoline. It will have to do with natural power.

Quazar:  Okay. The international rate right now is $3.58, so for a million dinar, that’s basically three and a half million dollars. That’s pretty good. So if it’s double digits for the dinar, we’re probably looking at ten or greater per million.

And then for the dong you say single digit to double digit. So if the international rate for the dong is 50¢ or even a dollar, then … (Zorra: Higher) The international rate for the dong is what?

Zorra:     The international rate or market rate is over a dollar, presently. But there again it is guestimated that it will go much higher than this.


Quazar:  Could you address the Zim, then?

Zorra:     That is another issue in what you call in flux, as you term it. There has been speculation that that they are going to drop zeros from it. None of that is in the planning according to China.


The Dragon Family
Quazar:  Could you tell us about the Dragon family and what they’re doing presently?

Zorra:     Understand the Dragon Family which is a multiple of beings, but they are also – not just the Dragon Family but many other families throughout the global community – also hold in their charge, a portion of the Saint Germain Trust.  And that is also going to be distributed probably shortly after.

Prosperity Funds
That means beings who have what is termed as a bank account will suddenly see their bank account swell … greatly swell. And those that do not have accounts will also be blessed. They will not be left out.

Zorra:     As I have said about the St Germain Trust Fund, it is in the process also of being distributed globally through what is called distributors, if you will. Distribution Centers that will be set up that will reach the population in all corners of the world. Even those in what is termed as South Africa, and what is termed as the Congo, and areas where communications is not so prevalent, there will be what is termed as a means to get the prosperity to them as well. Even if it means by the use of aeroships.

There will be a distribution of currency. I will tell you that the St Germain Trust is in the high numbers of trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions. It is great in number. So it cannot be what is termed put in the hands of one sect or one family.

Quazar:  So the RV is very small in comparison to that.


Anne:     Just to clarify, Tony’s information is that everybody has agreed again to let it flow. They’re going to start with the two big groups, the Admiral and General, in the next day or two, go through all their people which will take seven to ten days, and then open it to the public. Then TNT’s group will have to wait until about the 20th before getting 800 numbers.

Zorra:     Understand beloved master, the two groups they are speaking of is not 64. (They will have to wait.) It would be what is termed as Admiral’s Group Dinarland.

Anne:     Hmmm. (Quazar laughing: Oh Wow!) That’s interesting. We heard rumbles about that. Well so be it. Whatever is, is. As long as we can get this planet moving forward.

You know with this start-stop-start-stop, nobody can make plans, nobody wants to dream. We want to begin creating again so it’ll be wonderful. Thank you for all your information, Zorra.


Quazar:  Could you please discuss Niburu a.k.a. Planet X. There is so much information about what’s supposed to happen two years from now. Many people are scared and confused.

Zorra:     What is termed by the time two years come about no one will be worrying about Niburu. They will be too much enjoying their new full fifth dimension.

Quazar:  So what about the path of Niburu?

Zorra:     The path of Niburu will not bring it in a proximity of planet earth that is going to cause any disruption. They understand. The Galactic Federation, Mother Earth or Terra, because it is destined for ascension, why would we do what is termed as put Mother Earth in a state of ascension and then destroy her? That would not be um, … as Tony puts it, “Who would not make sense to?”

It’s on its’ way but it is not going to cause any upheavals on the earth.


Zorra:     Many people have seen what is termed as a reddish orb or planetoid-sized object around the sun. That is Ellenin.

That is also on what is termed from one of the callers … that is the ship that has separated from the sun for her to see. And so that is what she saw. She saw the ship Ellenin.

See Photos of Star Ship Ellenin
Anne:     She sent nineteen pictures that she took with her cell phone. I’m just trying to figure out a practical way of getting them posted.

Zorra:     Do what is termed as to take it to the sister-site and put it on EarthAscends.com Sightings page.
[Conversation continues at 45:13]


Now understand what is termed as pyramid homes are the best way to go. If you’re going to build a house it is best to build it in pyramidal shape. Why? Think about it. The Great Pyramids in Egypt have withstood seismic activity and devastating storms, and they are still standing. What does that tell you? Those structures are indestructible. Why then would you not want to have a pyramid home. It can withstand an earthquake. It can withstand a hurricane, tornado, or anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. That is why it is quite feasible and quite agreeable to build a pyramid home.

Not only that, it is a healing structure. Being in it you will regain a very healthy life style. Completely.

The Korvelo Group has been designing what is termed pyramidal homes for a great many years. They are not so well known but they are a good group. I would indeed recommend them.

And you want to know what is termed as where to put your plumbing or where to put your electrical systems. They would go in the foundation and in different areas within the walls. So if you wish to build a pyramid home, do it.


Ellenin’s Dance was ‘For Her Eyes Only’
Anne:     Evelyn is the lady who noticed movement in the sky and looked up and saw … I’ll let her tell you. No one else noticed it. I felt like they had alerted her. Let’s hear it from Evelyn and from Zorra.

Zorra:     It was for her eyes only. For her to see and for her to photograph.

Evelyn:   I’m speechless! It was the most incredible thing! (Zorra: Indeed.) It didn’t even seem like I was there in the car. Through the windshield is where I took the pictures. It didn’t even seem real. It was surreal … absolutely surreal! Extremely exciting and just full of wonderment at it. Just absolutely tingling!

Zorra:     Indeed! You must understand Evelyn, what is termed as photography is a little more complex than you think. And also the cameras that are being brought forth are getting more and more sophisticated and they will catch things your eyes will not. So, you could be taking pictures at a clear, blue sky and yet ships will appear on the film.

Evelyn:   I saw the ship. I saw the ship with my very own eyes. (Zorra: I know you did.) It was incredible! And the pictures I took with my cell phone which is – all the other pictures I take with it are all blurry but these are sharp, sharp pictures.

Zorra:     Because they were meant to be.

Evelyn:   Just … I’m absolutely speechless!!! I am. It is so beautiful.

Zorra:     Indeed. It is very beautiful.

Anne:     You called it a dance, Zorra.

Zorra:     Yes. It was a dance for her eyes.

Evelyn:   That’s why there’s nineteen pictures ‘cause I had to get the whole dance. I didn’t know at the time that it was doing a dance but I felt I couldn’t stop until I had all those pictures taken.

Zorra:     Well you know from whence you came, yes? (Evelyn: No.) Sirius.

Evelyn:   Oh my God! That was Sirius’ ship wasn’t it?

Zorra:     That is your transportation home.

Anne:     Zorra, can you tell us about Ellenin while we’re on the subject. Can you describe it, what it …


Star Ship Ellenin Rivals Our Sun In Size
Zorra:     Ellenin is what is termed a planet-sized ship. It is what is termed almost the same size as the sun, as you term Helios. But, of course, when it took up position in front of it, it intensified the energy or the light from the sun. That is why many peoples had declared that the sun had become warmer or has become brighter. That is because there’s a ship that is stationed in front of it.

Ellenin Here to Gather Sirians
And that one is waiting, waiting for what is termed The Gathering of what is termed the Sirians who have incarnated on Planet Earth. And there are many of them.

So it is not only a planet-sized ship but people that go on to her, on the return journey home will experience a, what is termed as a dyson/discean [phon?] sphere. It is a planetoid vessel that houses an entire civilization and green valleys and hills and what is termed streams and oceans. So, they will be … in a sense they will feel at home because it is a direct duplicate of the planet, Siria.

Quazar:  Oh good God.

Anne:     And there’s housing facilities waiting for those that will …

Who Gets To Go?
Zorra:     Ladies, there is indeed. It would be what is termed the scout vessel that will be coming to collect the peoples that it is deemed to collect.


Anne:     What would qualify them? Would they have to be at a certain level of vibration or have accomplished their ascension?

Zorra:     No. Their DNA. That is what will qualify them. Their Sirian DNA will be activated and when that happens, they will know exactly who they are and where they are from. And they are going to be rejoicing much.

Baby Sirians
So many of the children that are being born now are Sirian. Not all of them, of course, but many. It is their last incarnation that will be done as far as Sirians.

Anne:     What brought the little children, new borns from Siria, what brought them in at this point as babies?

Zorra:     Ascended Masters of Siria. They are teachers. They are mentors. They are what is termed the new generation, if you will, of Sirians. Of course they have come into existence with full knowledge of who they are. And the same with all the others: the Pleiadians, and the Arcturians, and the Andromedians, and the Orions, and many other what is called civilizations or representation of the civilizations.

Anne:     What about the ones that are going back to the ship? ‘Course, Sananda and Ashtar plan on headquartering down here once the landings … they want to be here and assist in the earth’s upliftment, but all those on the ships are from various civilizations and so …

Zorra:     They are indeed. There’s even a few ships here that are from other galaxies as well, and some of their incarnates are on Earth as well.

Evelyn:   I have to ask. Why would it show itself just to me?

Zorra:     Why not?

Evelyn:   Well I can’t think of one reason why not. As a child I used to sit and cry and think I was adopted. I just rejected my parents although I do know they did conceive and have me. I used to stare up on the sky and cry. I wanted to go home so bad.

Zorra:     They are also Sirian.

Evelyn:   My parents? Oh for God’s sake. What about my husband?

Zorra:     Pleiadian. Indeed.

Evelyn.   Well thank you. That’s just incredible.


Anne:     This is very deep and it was very interesting. Thank you Evelyn. I’ll do my best to get those pictures up.

Listener Questions  Q & A ——————


865:       Zorra was talking about people from different civilizations — like this woman’s husband being from the different civilization from her — if they’re going to do a Gathering, does that split up families and couples to take back to different planets?

Zorra:     No, not necessarily. Even though he is from the Pleiadian Star System, prior to that he was Sirian.

865:       So you have complete choice of where you go and who you go with?

Zorra:     Of course you do. You are not going to be separated from your beloved ones. That will be purely your choice.

Why So Much Importance On Rv?
865:       I’m new to all this and I’m not really clear why everybody’s making a big deal about the RV. Except for it to alleviate poverty on this planet, money doesn’t necessarily solve anything. I mean it doesn’t really mean it will awaken people to love and to open their hearts.

Zorra:     That is so. You are correct in this. The RV is just what is termed the tip of the iceberg. It is what is called a means to an end. That’s what it is.


Opening The Door To Endless Love
Anne:     It’s the first domino. It opens the door to …

Zorra:     Love. The term endless love is the key. It’s what is called the final reality. Endless love for all is that which will bring about the happiness, the joy.That will bring about the end to poverty and things of this nature. The RV is just a means that begins to do such. For if people are what is termed without want, then they are loved and they can give love. Endless love. That is what it is about in its’ entirety.

865:       So are people – the mentors and such – going to help us release the blocks in our energy that help us feel this endless love and feel we’re goddesses and gods?


Zorra:     That is their purpose. Their purpose is to come here to remind you who you are. To bring back the memories you have lost and to rekindle your powers and abilities that you were born with. As we have said before, many times you are gods and you are goddesses. It is a travesty that what is termed your religions do not teach this, because if they were to do so they would lose their hold on you … because there is no religion, period.

865:       Okay, that’s just what I wanted to know. The most important issue to me is to be able to feel and experience who I really am and who everybody is. I have a lot of anger and things inside me it keeps me from feeling life so I am assuming that part of this whole …

Zorra:     Transmute that anger into endless joy.

865:       How do you do that?

Zorra:     By doing it! Do it this way, look into yourselves and see the endless love that is within your heart–minds and then transmit that endless love outwards to peoples that you come in contact with on a daily basis. By you doing this will bring more happiness to your life, will bring happiness into other peoples. So, that is how you do it. Just knowing that you are gods and goddesses is quite sufficient.

865:       Okay. Thank you, Zorra, I appreciate it.

Zorra:     Indeed.

Anne:     Hmmm, that was good. Good teaching.


(or their own planet to wait for you)
What about our pets?

Anne:     Could you reassure people about when The Gathering comes, what will happen with their beloved pets? On Pete’s call last night a man was asking about his pets.

Zorra:     And what was the answer Peter gave him?

Anne:     Well, the man lost his beloved 16-year-old sheltie six years ago. He loved her so much he waited six years to replace her. And when he did, he dreamed in different dimensions that she was there. He was told by her in a dream (this new sheltie) that she was from Telos; she was the regent of the dog species in Telos. He’d finally arrived at a level that he could interact with her.

Zorra:     Very good. Understand, your pets will be going with you. They are, even if they have what is termed as transitioned, they will be there to meet you so you are not going to be separated them. They are with you. They are part of you and therefore, why would you leave a part of you behind?

Anne:     That’s just how people feel. It would be unbearable to leave a pet behind.

Zorra:     Indeed. But understand in Hollow Earth there are no pets, they are companions. They are, what is termed, one with you. They do not need to be on a leash. They do not need to be a kennel. They are free, just as you are. There is nothing in Hollow Earth that is corralled, if you will. There is nothing that is on a leash because they are equal with you … as they should be on the earth.

Anne:     Do you have any comments about him being told that now he have arrived at a level high enough to realize that his dog companion was actually a Regent in Telos?


Zorra:     Yes. He was told correctly. Understand there is a planet that is what is called strictly feline. And there’s another planet that is strictly canine. And they are quite intelligent beings. Of course they do not walk on all fours, they walk bipedal. But they are very intelligent and they have been watching over planet Earth for their cousins, for what is called their loved ones on the earth that have taken the position of being pets.

They are more intelligent than man. That is a harsh phrase, but it is a fact. They have more intelligence than man.

Anne:     Well that explains him being told he had finally arrived at a level of communication with his pet. The pet was higher than he.

Zorra:     Well that is wonderful! And he should be rejoicing over it.

Anne:     He is. I told him about Sananda telling me the Great Giles [phon?] dog was with him by his side. That was a couple of years ago. But that gave him a lot of solace right there.

Zorra:     Indeed.


215:       Zorra mentioned sometime back that aeroships would be landing for healing and I was wondering if that was still in play.

Zorra:     Why would it not be? They are preparing for what is called their appearance. Many ships have already landed, they are just hidden from you. You would see them in your peripheral vision. Or you would see them in what is termed as in your dreams. But also, when they are given the word they will materialize or I should say de-cloak or take the camouflage off of them and they would be in plain sight.

But if they were to appear now it would cause much confusion. It would cause much chaos, as you term it, and much fear. And that must not happen yet. We do not want to cause fear. That is not our way. We will do what is termed as come into your existence very subtly.

Choose Wisely. We’ll Keep That Body Forever
215:      Are we going to keep the bodies we have now we go into the 5thdimension?

Zorra:     That would be your choice to do so. If you desire to do so, yes. And then the bodies would be transformed to the full 5th dimensional frame.

And then you would choose what age group you would like to be. And you would be that for eternity.


215:       I see. And jumping to the I.R.S. Are they going to be disbanded soon?

Zorra:     Along with your federal government, yes.

215:       Okay. Thank you Zorra.

Zorra:     Indeed.


(Hard to Argue With Her …)
Unkn:     Zorra, I was going to rant about the I.R.S. and that I just want it removed. And I would even wait a week for them to be removed totally, everything, so we wouldn’t have to give social security numbers or anything for a bank account or whatever. They would stop garnishing wages. They would stop the foreclosures. They would stop everything that they have done to people! I just want them gone!

I think they’re initials, I.R.S., should be changed to Immediate Refund Specialists. And the people that have been working at the IRS or owning it or whatever, it should be an eye for an eye. They should have their monies garnished or frozen or taken away. They should have their houses foreclosed on. And they should be put on the street like they have done to so many people! And then they should be put in jail and everybody else be let out that they have put in.

Zorra:     Beloved master understand this: who created IRS?

Unkn:     I don’t know.

Zorra:     People did. What is termed as the IRS was put together by peoples. And it was instituted and voted, not by Congress, but by what is termed as the secret government. And when the secret government is what is termed abolished along with federal government, so shall the IRS be as well. All those what is termed as has suffered under the hands of the IRS will be restored. What has been taken from peoples who have been under the hard hand of the IRS will also be restored what they have lost.

What is termed as the debt relief or debt forgiveness if you will, will also be instituted along with NESARA and when this occurs, no more debt for anyone.

Sovereign Citizen i.d. vs. Social Security#
Unkn:     Yes, but right now I’m having a heck of a time getting a bank account without a social security number. I have to jump through all the hoops that the IRS tells the banks that we have to jump through. (Zorra: Indeed.) And you’ve told us that we don’t need a trust but we need another account to put this money into.

Zorra:     Indeed. You can do what is termed as you have at your disposal what is called a sovereign identification. And it is quite legal and it is recognized by all. Your bank will have to recognize it as well because it is part of the New Republic.

Unkn:     Do the banks know about it?

Zorra:     They will know. They will know. They will know. They will be getting what is termed notification that what is termed as social security numbers will no longer be useable because they are federal government.

Unkn:     Well, is that going to be before or after the RV? Because I want my bank account before.

Zorra:     It will be after, of course. However but now you do have what is termed as a means to acquire what is called a sovereign citizen number, if you will, and that is the same acceptance as a social security number. Go on to your computer and to do what is termed as to bring up the SovereignCitizenship.com and get in touch with them and see what can be done in order for you to get such a number.

Unkn:     Okay. I will do that. Thank you very much.


Quazar:  We received several emails regarding what was seen on YouTube about Mermaids.

Zorra:     Indeed. First I will explain to people what Mermaids are and what they look like. In reality, you have been misled when it comes to Mermaids on several points. Understand that a Mermaid is not half man or half female and half fish. Because understand the fish anatomy is not compatible with that of a human, whereas a dolphin is mammal.

Now, from the waist up a Mermaid has what is termed as the upper portion of a female or male and the only significance that is noticeable would be termed as the webbed fingers. The face: sometimes it is altered a bit, but not to an extreme.

Many what is termed Merpeoples do not have hair, and some do. That is their own choice, of course. Many Merpeoples believe that hair gets in the way of their swimming and things of this nature so they get rid of it; dis-create it if you will. But they do have the webbed fingers and some do have what is called as not fish gills, but gills of a sort on their necks on the inside of their necks. That is what it looks like.

Now the misconceptions are the fish tales. That is a mythical creature. There is only one form of Merperson that has what would appear to be scales, but they are not scales — they are bumps on the torso and on the tail; they are not scales — and they are termed as Sirens.

Now, people that see them on YouTube. Some pictures are real. Some are not. Some are props as you term the movies. Some are fake and some are real. To know which is real and which is not is simple: If they have the webbed fingers and they have what is termed the bottom portion of a dolphin, they are real.

Quazar:  Are any of them in captivity?

Zorra:     There was one that was in captivity, but it was in what is termed as Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Not presently. Any that you can see in captivity are what is termed costumed.

Quazar:  So the true ones are in the ocean; like the two that we saw.

Zorra:     The ones

that were taken in what is termed as an undersea vessel that was deep in the ocean. It did not make sense to them because they were at a depth that normally would crush the lungs of a human. Yet they were there. Why? Because they have adapted to the pressures that are in the ocean.

Quazar:  And the other one was where, in Australia?

Zorra:     Uh no, there was one in Finland and another was seen off what is called Norway, and some have been seen in what is termed the bays of Copenhagen as well.

Now we will do a quick Pulse.


Anyone who is sitting and wearing glasses remove them . Anyone who has hearing aids turn them down. Anyone who has means to maneuver in wheelchairs and walkers and canes and things of this nature, take heart because you are going to be not left out either. And those of you who have what is called missing limbs, we will address them as well.

Now what is termed the energy is five, four, three, two, and one. The energy is now entering into your heart-minds. Spreading upward, outward, and downward throughout your body. It is going into what is termed up into your crown chakra, into what is termed your inner ears creating what is termed tones and sounds that you are beginning to hear. And some that are completely deaf are feeling a ringing in their ears. And what is termed as beginning to bring forth a bit of hearing.

How To Receive
Now what I’m doing is I am transmitting the Pulse. What your part is, is to accept it and proclaim it; to own it and then proclaim it. That is, the three steps taken for what is termed healing: to receive healing, to own it and then to proclaim it; to believe that it is done and know that it is done.

Therefore, those who have what is called cataracts and glaucoma and macular degeneration. It is now working on those areas as we speak. You are feeling a little bit of warmth or coolness behind your optical nerves, behind what is termed as your eyes, in the back of your eyes. Many people are feeling a coolness. Some are feeling a heat. It is different for every one, so many may be receiving a tingling or a bit of a sting. Others may not but it is still working. Energy is spreading throughout your iris and your eyeball and things of this nature to correct all the damage that is there. And that is also being rectified as we speak.

In the inner ear, the energy is spreading into the eardrums or where the eardrums would have been had they not been either removed or not grown because of malformation. But they are now being restored and you are beginning to hear from both ears.

The energy is beginning to spread down into your what is termed as the mouth, the upper and lower pallets of the mouth. And what is termed as also spreading upward into the areas of the brain. What is termed as tumors, things that are attached to the pineal gland. They are being loosed from there. And they are going to be extracted out through the waste of the body so they are now breaking loose from where they are and they are going to travel down through the body and out through what is termed the waste area. So that is being done now.

You probably felt a little bit of a pop up in your area of the brain. And understand the brain is what is termed as a vault of knowledge, a storage vault if you will. So that is also when this little pop occurred you now have a direct communication between your heart-mind and your vault of knowledge and beyond of course. And also your third eye is opening for everyone. Everyone’s third eye is now opening. And you are beginning to see in your peripheral vision, you are beginning to see pictures that appear. That is because your third eye is opened and you are beginning to see more than you had before.

And you are going to see even more in your dream state as you lay down for the evening you are going to start receiving a transmission. An input of knowledge that you have long awaited. That has now been what is called transmitted to you. And you are now going to be receiving what is called the transmission that was meant for you to remove the veil that is upon you.

So now, as you’re sitting here with your eyes shut, you are beginning to see pictures now behind your eyes in the darkness of what is called your closed eyes. You are seeing pictures, beginning to see them. And they will become more vivid as the night grows on/wears on.

So anyway, the energy is now spreading downward through the body into all areas such as the spine; such as the curvature of the spine. That is being rectified. What is termed as the disc area in the lower back; all those discs that have been replaced that had been fused. They are now being unfused and back to normal.

What is termed as the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed as the hips of the pelvis and things of this nature. And also in the digestive system, into the heart area, into the lungs, into the breasts, into the areas where there was to called a manifestation of cancer: that is also being eliminated as we speak. Feel your breasts, you do not feel the lump any longer. Go ahead, look for it. You won’t find it, it is gone. And it is being taken out of the body.

Now the energy is now dropping downward into the upper thighs, it is already working on the hips, working on the upper thighs, working on the knees, working on the shins, working on the calves, working on the heels, working on the arches, working on the balls of the feet, working on the toes and out through the toes. Spreading downward, out through the rotator cuffs of the shoulder, down through the upper arms, down through the fibula, down to what is termed the elbows, down from the elbows into what is termed the corporal tunnel areas of the wrists. That is being rectified. If you are wearing braces take them off, you need them no longer. The pain will be gone as soon as you take it off. Do so. Do not hesitate, do it.

And now the energy is doing what is termed as going down into the balls of the hand, the palms, the fingers,
out through the fingertips, and it is done. It is finished. So be it.

Anne:     Thank you Zorra.

Zorra:     Oh I sense there’s a world coming … new world.

Anne:     Yes, and it’ll be back on Saturday morning. Thank you Zorra for joining us. Thank you so much. And we’ll see you and perhaps Saryya and all of our family Saturday morning.

Cue music

(Zorra behind music:   Indeed. So it was an hour and a half!)

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