ZORRA (Hollow Earth): RV Status – St Germaine Trust distributions, and how…

Call begins after several false music starts. Anne’s tech problem.

Invocation / Announcement: Building pyramid homes – www.korvelo.com

ZORRA: RV Status – St Germaine Trust distributions, and how – Bank workers can participate in RV / Is Nibiru a threat? / Huge mothership Ellenin, almost as big as the Sun, has moved away from Sun – Evelyn took 19 photos of “Ellenin’s Dance.” For your eyes only! – Why me? Ellenin here to gather Sirians: How select? When? The vast interior of Ellenin, Who ARE these new Sirian babies? Why are they coming? – Will we leave in family groups? What about our pets? / Dog planet; Feline planet. / Healing ships? / Why so much importance on RV? / Will we keep these bodies in 5D? /  WHEN will the IRS…go?  —  Sovereign Citizen “SS#” – Authenticating Mermaids – HEALING PULSE





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