Wednesday, April 8 2015

11:11 PM Call from Zorra

It is now 12:18 AM Thursday, April 9th.
My phone rang at 11:11 PM – just over an hour ago – and I heard that wonderful, familiar voice…

“And how be you, Beloved Lady Nada?”

And so it began… as Quazar and I, bit by bit, experienced this revealing information direct from our Beloved Zorra:

My ship is over Washington DC.

Prime Creator is in Baghdad.
What are you doing over Washington DC?
I am observing General Hamm and Obama. The Secret Service is also there. I am to see that nothing will hinder our Commander in  Chief… that he has full freedom.
There is going to be a Press Conference with both Obama and General Hamm… a “Passing of the Torch” to The New Republic… or should I say, “The Restored Republic.”
My ship is there to avoid interference with the broadcast…

And what is Prime Creator doing in Baghdad?

Prime Creator is speaking to the Iraqi Parliament as a man, in their native language. He is giving them a “history lesson.”
He is speaking now, as we speak. He is showing them what began all of their conflict and how to bring it back together.

I saw they were having a “liquidity” problem. That is what is holding up the RV.


They want you to think that.

So, what we are being told is not the truth of the matter…

Prime Creator is re-iterating what the agenda should be:  Peace and Harmony. He is showing them the consequences of their present path.
And then he is showing them how their future path can be.

Do they know who he is?


They believe he is one of them … but very wise. And so they are listening… they are respectful of what he is saying.
There are no issues – only Love.

Going back to Washington DC… will NESARA be implemented with the New Republic?


Yes … and the St. Germain Trust.

I have sensed that Sananda has been “away” for the past few days.  Where is he?


Sananda?  —  Sananda is assisting His Father.

Prime Creator?



Will anyone else be with Obama at the Press Conference?  Sananda?  Ashtar?

Several Ascended Masters…
Sananda.  Ashtar.  St Germain. And Prime Creator, this time appearing as a female.

Will the Press Conference be broadcast in the US – or to the world?

Globally.  And, the cabal’s grip on mainstream media has been released.

Will you be at the Press Conference?

I will be in my ship.  When I press the switch, all communication from the Press Conference
will come through my ship. There will be NO interruptions!   No “snow” on the screen.  No audio static.
All will be clear, “in living color!”

How close are we to this broadcast?


Days….And one last reminder:  do not return your dinar currency!

Source: Hollow Earth Network http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs148/1106579332835/archive/1120682700199.html

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