Yanis Varoufakis, Greek Finance Minister (and blogger)… [1-30-15] “On BBC TV NewsNight”

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[Kp update: Stephen Cook sent this Sydney Morning Herald article about Yanis which I felt would be of interest to many.]

Yanis Varoufakis was recently one of the Syriza party in Greece to be elected. This interview was the first I’d ever heard of him. Well, actually, it was via CK that I first heard of him. And he’s a blogger!!

As I listened, I realized that this guy is one of us (namely, Light-Bringer-Worker-Unveiler types). Very clear to me that he is here to bring Light into the whole EU situation (although Jim Fetzer presented the view that he might be a bankster “Trojan Horse” (see this post); I did not get that sense at all).

Be aware of how he handles the (quite interruptive) BBC interviewer. He also has a book,The Global Minotaur, available at Amazon (also available as a free Kindle version, which contains excerpts from the book).



As a fan of the BBC, I must say I was appalled by the depths of inaccuracy in the reporting underpinning this interview (not to mention the presenter’s considerable rudeness). Still, and despite the cold wind on that balcony, it was fun!


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