Woman returns from the dead and saw the Afterlife

Believe it or not, it is true. See Dr. Brian Weiss books/work, Dr. (M.D.) Elisabeth Kubler-Ross books/work, Raymond Moody books -Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon–Survival of Bodily Death, and so many more.

Heart Stopped For 45 Minutes – Miracle Near Death Experience and What She Saw.
Published on Nov 20, 2014
40-year-old Ruby Graupera-Cassimir was about to be pronounced dead after after 45 minutes with no pulse.
She spontaneously resuscitated just before doctors were going to pronounce the time of death. Ruby recalls seeing a being she believes was her dad accompanied by other beings. She felt a force telling her she had to go back.
Nov, 10, 2014
Source: ABC News


Le’Vell Zimmerman 5:20am Nov 28
Know that ascension is the only path into the New Earth, where it is necessary to do the work of releasing lower frequency ways of being within, as well as expressing your creativity as a service to this dimension.

All souls are here with special gifts to share with humanity, where that which you enjoy naturally is adding to the creation of the Divine paradise that is unfolding on this planet at present.

Many still listening to the logical thought patterns of the Ego mind feel that “suicide” is an option, where this voice is very deceptive in attempting to keep you stuck in the lower frequencies realities.

When you experience physical death in this lower frequency reality, you awaken to your etheric presence for a life review in the heavens and must return to the physical for many thousands of years of duality on another planet controlled by the Cabal, where Earth is exiting such an existence.
Realise that all being are expressions of the One Infinite Creator, where it is the frequency of ones presence that indicates the maturity of a souls essence.

You will notice how the mind looks at the physical appearance of another for such indicators, when these refined presence is felt and not seen with the naked eyes.

Know that many souls still operate through this form of judgement, where your evolution has nothing to do with the clothes that you where, or anything about your physical appearance.

All have the gift of free will to express the vibrance of your own divinity in anyway one feels like, where your gentle clarity beyond the distortions of comparison and judgement are reflective of your evolved nature.

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