“Why the RV had to Wait till Now” by (Anonymous) – 9.16.17


Saturday, September 16, 2017
“Why the RV had to Wait till Now” by (Anonymous) – 9.16.17

Two major off-world parasitic agendas were working with the secret government and targeting portions of humanity. One is or was connected with the negative Pleiadians. They have been long time supporters of the secret government. When the modifications to Source Code were manifest a couple of months ago, the Pleiadian Agenda was ended and the Pleiadian parasites had to return to their home planets.

The second parasitic agenda was being operated by a civilization called the Greys. They are relative newcomers but quickly gained power and influence within communism, particularly North Korea, and within certain minorities in the US. The parasitic Grey Agenda was also ended with the Source Code modifications and the secret government now stands alone.

These parasitic agendas carried great power and were able to delay humanity’s shift into a Light based shared timeline. The parasitic agendas utilized black magic such as mind control, curses and spells. Not until I began working with Brittany did these agendas come to light and they were only defeated over the past month or two. The secret government’s dark timeline survived the August eclipse using the power of these parasitic agendas but that power is now ended.

Humanity can now initiate the long awaited timeline shift into a timeline based in Light, based in serving the greater good, based in truth and full disclosure, based in the fullness of cosmic law. Planning is underway to create a televised event beginning the new Light based shared human timeline.

(Note: The Pleiades cluster has over a 1000 stars with only 14 visible. Most Pleidian planets are of the Light and actively support our positive military for the new earth).

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