Who Built the Pyramids of Giza and When?

Of course.

Artist’s rendering

Judi, from “Prepare for Change” sent this update.

It has been my understanding that extraterrestrials built the pyramids, although others disagree. It aligns with other information I heard recently in the interview with Jay Weidner and Mel Fabregas at Veritas Radio.  ~ BP


Greetings everyone this is Judi with an update from the media group.

I was fascinated by the information from James Gilliland at the Contact in the Desert Conference about the Lion Beings and wondered if there was a connection to the Sphinx in Egypt.

The very next day I received an answer of sorts on Facebook in an article by one of my FB friends Sangeeta who shared some new information… I hope to continue to explore my connection to the lion beings.

Sangeeta writes: “The Great Pyramid of Giza was built after the Atlantis went down. Under the guardianship of Thoth and Seshata (the chief architects), with the celestial ultra-terrestrial assistance of Osiris and Isis. The Great Pyramids were laser’d into manifestation.
The main builders or labourers of this manifestation were the Lion Beings and the Feline Beings of Sirius. These Pyramids, all three of them, were created thus by the Sirius planet beings and is connected to Sirius, the Great Central Sun (HQ) of our Milky Way Galaxy. These pics below are what the Sirians look like, and so does that Sphinx!



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