Who Are the Light Sentinels and what is Their purpose on Earth?

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(Posted by The Light Sentinels, written by Rique Seraphico/ Music Man).

Much is being said and asked about just who The Light Sentinels are, and some clarification on what their role and purpose on Earth I felt was needed.

The Light Sentinels are a Special Light Force Group (Earth’s / Mankind’s Last Line Of Defence) that combines the efforts and work of several current and former Gods & Goddesses (Gaia, Gatekeeper, Isis, Diana, Lilith, Athena, Elan, SET and Horus, to name but a few), as well as Time Travelers / Jumpers, Light Warriors, Enlightened Light Dracos, Jumpers, TOP Positive Cabal and Vatican members secretly working for the Light, and several Off World Light beings contributing to this Special Group and Earth Mission.

This is where much of their Intel comes from. The Light Sentinels’ Gate Keeper holds THE KEY to ALL Gates in the Universe (sometimes overseen by Prime Creator) – NO ONE Goes Anywhere in the Universe Through the Gates without Her Authorization and Knowing so.

At the Gates much knowledge of what is happening “OUT THERE” is shared with Gaia. NO one on Earth is privy of this sensitive Intel, but the LS. Our Intel is truly second to none, not otherwise available to Mankind. To be perfectly clear, there is absolutely NO CHANNELLING messages involved here, none whatsoever.

The Supreme Light and Power of this Group is well beyond any other Living Being in the Universe, including the GFOL, given that the LS answers to the Prime Creator (GOD) ONLY, being their direct Sons and Daughters, HIS Chosen Warriors, created to Serve HIM and HIS Creations.

The Light Sentinels are NOT here to “Save” Mankind. ONLY Mankind has this power and Divine Right. It is therefore down to each and every one of you to do your part and Fully Believe in YOU and what you All can do, when united as ONE VOICE, in Service to Light and Unconditional Love.

The Light Sentinels are here to Assist and Help this Planet Free Itself from the Evil and Slavery it has endured for Eons. The time HAS COME. But this Battle can ONLY be won IF we are TRULY UNITED around one common Goal, setting all our differences aside. The Dark Side is a Formidable and Worthy Opponent; we must be humble enough to acknowledge that. But Light and Unconditional Love will Always Prevail.

Absolutely NO Task is Big Enough for this Special Light Group. As long as the Prime Creator Allows it, as HE has the Ultimate Final Decision.

These are just some of the numerous tasks performed by this Special Light Group (in order to help and protect Mankind and the Planet):

– CERN was destroyed as well as all Strangelet / Toplet Bombs were removed from Earth and the Solar System in November 2015. The GFOL did confirm recently what we already knew about these Exotic Bombs (that they no long represented any Threat to Mankind), at a GFOL meeting near Orion, with the Goddess Gaia.
At this recent meeting near Orion, it was also confirmed by the GFOL, the NON Existence of the so called “Chimera Group” (the Pleiadians and Arcturians present at the meeting testified to that), the “Event” and Positive Resistance – None are real, sorry!

I am merely conveying what was said at the meeting, not giving an opinion per se. The Goddess Gaia, at Music Man’s request, later double confirmed these with Her Father, Prime Creator. If you believe what we are telling you, you have the TRUTH here, confirmed by Highest Power. ONLY The Truth matters: No one or anything can be above the Truth.

– The Orbit of “Nibiru” was changed (sent far away from Earth), so NOT to cause harm and destruction to Earth and Mankind, which would most certainly have happened in September 2015, had its Orbit had NOT been changed by Isis and Gaia.

– A considerable large Asteroid on collision course with Earth on 25th September 2016 COMPLETLY disappeared from existence; As we understand the US Military had sent a Nuclear War Head to intercept and Destroy this Asteroid and failed. A Big Chunk of it remained on Collision Course with Earth. Many Small debris DID fall on Earth (Australia for one), which can be verified on the Internet.

Their Plan B was even Worse. Both USA and Russia were ready to deploy 10 Nuclear Warheads and explode the Asteroid on Earth’s entrance. Gaia made the WHOLE Asteroid DISAPPEAR Two or Three day prior it reached Earth. Mankind NEVER got to know just how close it came from Extinction – the US/ Russia would have failed, the GFOL did NOT intervene, WE DID. As Hard as it is to believe, this is the TRUTH.

Music Man was contacted then by a US Government LS contact, they could not explain what had happened and strangely enough, were VERY upset the Asteroid had disappeared. Perhaps that would have been the best and cheapest option for the Cabal to get rid of Mankind, given that they were ready to Leave Earth as well as to retreat to their Bunkers in Antarctica, as for the 7.4 Billions Humans left….

– On October 2016, A level 4 Category Hurricane (Mathew) was LIFTED HIGHER UP OFF Ground, so NOT to completely flatten and destroy Florida (USA) recently; Had the LS NOT intervened the Destruction to BOTH Properties and Human Lives would most likely have been the Biggest Natural Disaster in the USA History. Katrina did not come closer to what would have happened.

– The Light Sentinels MADE SURE Hillary Clinton and the Khazarians did NOT walk away with a RIGGED Election AGAIN – The People of The USA’s Free-Will was for once, RIGHT or WRONG, respected. It was conveyed to us by our very own Time Traveler that WW3 that would HAVE happened HAD Clinton been allowed to rig the Elections and as such, it should be prevented and it WAS.

This Intel was also confirmed back to the Sentinels from High Sources within Russia and the USA Governments, that WW3 had been postponed 3 weeks prior to that until after the Election, but a joint effort of the Light Sentinels allied with the awakened People of the US stopped WW3 from taking place! We CAN Work beautifully Together!

– A High Cabal Satanic Baal Ritual, which Obama and Top Rothschilds attended, to crown the next Draco Queen Bee, we understand, were children were going to be killed / sacrificed was also stopped by the LS.

– Ships, more than likely our OWN Shadow “Dark Negative” Military, disguised as holographic blimps showed up in AZ and LA, and abductions were foiled.

I fully understand how hard and difficult it is some, if not all, to digest and accept. You probably have many questions and even doubts. For now this is all I can share and explain. In due time more will be revealed. As always TRUST your INNER Self, if NONE of this resonates with you, discard it. That is perfectly understandable.

You MUST be Fully responsible for whom you are and your actions, and able to make your OWN Decisions. These are extremely hard times, we can NOT afford to Trust everything we read, and we MUST therefore use our best discernment and filter all we read, especially so called channelled GFOL messages.

I mean the Channellers well, and I do believe most mean well, but their sources are not always reliable, still very Archon MK Ultra prone, I am afraid. But ultimately, most of what you are being told, overall, just does NOT tie up with most of the Light Sentinels’ Intel. You are constantly lied to. This MUST Stop.

A lot of the Intel we see is merely Feel Good Posts, designed to make you feel good and to lift you up, but unfortunately NOT necessarily based on reality, or the TRUTH! BUT also a Cabal effort to take your eyes of the ball and give you a False sense of Security and real achievement. To make sure you believe there are massive Cabal arrest taken place when in fact, there’s very little evidence or proof of that.

ONLY the TRUTH suffices. Some deem Fear mongering telling the masses the Truth. I beg to differ, as Light warriors and Workers YOU must raise your game and be aware of all that is around you, remember, You are also Beacons of Light for the Planet and Mankind.

Know that you are NOT alone and that TOGETHER, we WILL succeed!

Much Love and Light,

Rique Seraphico / Music Man.

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