What Will Happen In September? Sananda Reveals Stunning Details On Major Economic Event In September And It’s Very Very Good For The Masses!

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Sananda Reveals Stunning Details On Major Economic Event In September And It’s Very Very Good For The Masses!

Indian in the machine:  This looks like very very good news… imagine the masses with lots of money… this is what is likely to happen… and has been planned for decades… we have known that our existing financial system is mathematically impossible to continue… imagine people no longer motivated by money because everyone has lots, and it would be pointless to try to accumulate… folks, the age of greed is over… read Sananda’s words and see how they resonate for you.

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It’s Time to See Your World as We Do
By Sananda

…Now I would like to talk with you about something you have asked us to address.  You have been hearing in both the cabal media and the channeling circles that there is a major economic event coming in September.  Depending upon the source, it is billed as  an end-of-the-world disaster or as the major shift you have all awaited eagerly.  I can reassure you – it will be both.
For those who have invested all their energy and time in selfishly hoarding all the resources and worldly goods they can command, it will undoubtedly seem like a monumental disaster.  The one thing that gives them security is their command over others in the form of massive wealth – and the maintenance of a great chasm between themselves and others, whom they see as “the masses.”  On the other hand, for those of you who have long anticipated the RV, GCR, NESARA, an end to debt slavery and the establishment of truly representative constitutional governance, it will be the greatest triumph imaginable.
Question, Dear Friends, the source of the “news.”  Who in the cabal-owned media would be happy about the collapse of the international banking system that pours the world’s wealth directly into their pockets?  To them, the demise of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, their private cookie jar, would seem disastrous, unthinkable.  And of course they decry the end of political systems where they can buy representatives who will pass any law they suggest  (GMO crops?  Getting rid of healthcare??  Less regulation on food, banking and pharmaceuticals???)  What loving person would promote a more toxic and dangerous world for their neighbors and their grandchildren, no matter how much it profited them?
If the money in your treasuries had not been emptied wholesale into the coffers of the secret governments, you would not have to choose between supporting your schools or providing medical care for those who need it.  This, Beloved Ones, is the “disaster” that lies ahead: Abundance for all.  Freedom to live as you have always dreamed – without debts and without servitude to a grinding and competitive job that leaves your soul hungry for real nourishment.  Rather than ever-increasing hours at your desk, imagine this: music, painting, dancing and every form of creative pursuit you can imagine will be available to you, as creator, observer and celebrant – whatever suits your talents and desires.  You will delight in the new energy and drive you will experience when you are being deeply fulfilled.
Many of you have become impatient or discouraged because you cannot “see” the changes you hoped would materialize in recent months.  Truly, the major change that hasn’t come yet is the increase in the size of your bank account.  Everything else is evolving, shifting just as it needs to, as part of the gradual buildup (or the tear-down) of existing systems.  This was imperative for a smooth transition.  You see, the same people who complain that “nothing has happened” are the ones who promote the idea of apocalypse to come.  As you are fond of saying, you can’t have it both ways.
Look with me, from our higher perspective, to see how everything is moving forward even more gracefully than we could have imagined.  Our greatest hope is that we will move from the rigid and controlled systems of the Matrix to the freedom and joys of Paradise on Earth without chaos and trauma, avoiding any undue suffering and disruption.  Above all else, we wish to allow each individual the opportunity to grow, to fulfill the life purpose of soul growth they came here to live out.
You see, Dear Friends, you did not come here to Earth primarily to experience wealth or to change the political systems.  You came here to learn to love more deeply, to experience your connection to God more surely, to strengthen your resolve and to be of service to humankind in their long-anticipated Ascension.  As it turns out, in terms of your soul development, the delays you thought were holding up your “Prosperity” were actually a gift that has allowed all of you to be better prepared, more balanced, more advanced in your Mastery.  Look how you have grown in maturity, wisdom, tolerance and curiosity (rather than fear) about the unknown.  Most of all, the dawning of your Unity Consciousness has blossomed steadily.
Consider the interesting phenomenon of the growing number of channelers who are bringing through similar messages in recent months.  Some of you used to question the “discrepancies” and variations in the material they brought through for you.  This was mostly because of the “six blind men describing an elephant” effect.  The knowledge we wish to impart to you is so vast and so unknown in your cultures that we must give you pieces to examine and weigh, and once you have mulled a bit, we give you more.  Some people gobble up the information, while others need time to ponder all interpretations.  It has been very valuable to us to have scribes with different personal styles and different audiences at various levels of Ascension.
The process of introducing more and more information in a gradual way has brought us now to a convergence point.  This is why you will notice more Unity in the messages we are bringing through to you – those of you who are ready to see the golden threads that unite in Truth. To extend the elephant analogy, many points of view are coalescing and expanding with the nurturing energies of the Lion’s Gate to produce the picture of something whole, wonderful and Divinely inspired.  All is truly advancing according to plan, with added moments of unanticipated delight and celebration as we observe the wondrous changes in our beloved Earth incarnates.
You are beginning to see the synchronization that is possible between you and us when we are in direct and intimate contact.  We are all growing and expanding in consciousness as a result of this new closeness.  You see, we are joined by the golden threads of our multidimensional grid, which we use to telepathically join with one another in higher dimensions.  We share our thoughts, ideas and feelings freely as we wish to.  We also enjoy convening in our Councils to work together, formalizing our decision-making process, because we enjoy the feelings of joy and camaraderie of being close.
We are now able to include you more and more in the Co-creative process, as you are including us in your daily lives.  As we do this, reaching to meet one another through the thinning Veil, we are strengthening the energetic threads that bind us together across dimensions.  Our crystalline grid – “the tie that binds,” is glowing with the flow of shared energy, increasing communication and growing Light.
You feel our presence as we feel yours, as surely as you know the energy signature of your closest friend or partner.  It not only makes us glow with pleasure, but it also lights up the grid we have Co-created – you, me, our angels and Masters, Galactic friends, and Mother and Father God.  Each one of us has made a contribution and left our mark forever on the great multidimensional communication system that carries the Light of our shared Love in our increasingly triumphant moments.
Together with Mother and Father God and my beloved friends in the Company of Heaven, I am transmitting to you across our living grid.  I am sending my waves of Love, respect and admiration as we move forward together.  Fall into step with us, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.  We glory in your fascinating company.
I am your Sanada.


Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 6, 2015

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