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Hello Currency Family!

I just wanted to post about what we should do immediately after exchanging/redeeming our newfound wealth!

Archangel Michael has said many times through Linda Dillon that he strongly recommends that we take AT LEAST two weeks to just sit with our money before jumping into your projects or making any large purchases. Here is an excerpt from an article from last year:

“In their eagerness to create Nova Earth, there will be this mad rush and the mad rush does nothing but create confusion and the feeling of inner chaos and therefore outer chaos. Inner mayhem, inner pressure, outer pressure, outer overwhelm and on and on with the list.

I bring this to the forefront for discussion because it is important that this insight be shared. …

We are not being critical of any of this but [succumbing to the chaos post-Reval] is something that those who are bestowed funds, one way or another, have need to be aware of.

The Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, myself and Gabrielle are not sitting here with the stopwatch to see how fast you can leap to action.

Steve: But some light workers will be.

AAM: That is why you are going to tell them. I have made a jest in saying that your next assignment is to breathe. But I am not joking when I say, the very first assignment in the RV is to breathe.

It is not to be rushed. It is to be done in thoughtful, self-considerate action.

This is an unfoldment of a Golden Age. It does not happen in a week or a month.

Steve: I had resolved to follow your advice not to make any purchases the first week but just to sit but it became seemingly important to buy a new computer at one point.

That utterly threw me off. Instead of being available to what was happening, I was going down to Apple and trying to get this computer to work, transferring files, going out in post-Christmas crowds buying adapters, etc.

Next time, when the Reval happens, thanks to this preview, I will wait a week before I do anything.

AAM: And for most people, we will extend that out to a month because it is the breathing, it is the organizing, it is the physical adjustment to a different set of circumstances [that is important].

You cannot be fully engaged in the shift in energy, in the sense of joy, and be worried about whether you are buying a computer or buying a house or buying a nation. That will not do.”

I know that many of us Lightworkers are extremely eager to begin saving the Earth, but I feel that it’s vital that we take this grace period to really integrate this new wealth and elevated levels of consciousness it will bring.

Personally, I feel that this will be a challenge for me, as I too am eager to jump in and start saving animals and giving money to homeless people, but I trust Archangel Michael in his advice and can see how this will benefit us in the long run. If we don’t do this, we’re like chickens with our heads cut off running around the world still trying to acclimate to a major life change.

Our goal is to clean up the Earth in the most effective manner possible, so that’s going to require some time to really sit and meditate on where we should go first and plan our first steps so that we don’t dive into all these projects and run into setbacks and delays. Do this even IF you have your plans 100% ready to go!

Not taking time to integrate=more setbacks and delays to projects. NOT what we are going for. It seems counterintuitive, and I know we all feel extremely prepared and ready to go, like an arrow that’s been drawn back waiting to be launched, but if we TRULY want to be the BEST, clear channels and vessels of abundance, it’s vital that we do this!

One of the biggest aspects of a spiritual lifestyle is realizing that YOU have to be taken care of 100% before you can be the best channel of service, and this is no different. It is not selfish in any way to take care of you, get the things you want, refresh your soul and THEN jump into your projects. This is a mastery step for us as souls, to be able to receive this kind of abundance and still have a calm head on our shoulders, walking with grace and a humble attitude. If you think this will be difficult for you to just sit post RV, if you keep thinking about all the animals and souls that need saving, remind yourself that you won’t be of the best service until AFTER this period of rest!

The houses, cars, and other things will still be there when you come back from your rejuvenation and restoration, so don’t worry about “missing out” on all the good stuff.

I feel that we can definitely take care of things like overdue bills and stuff like that that may need immediate attention, but go book yourself a vacation in Bora Bora or some private, secluded island, get a tiki hut and kick back for 2 weeks (or more) so you can really integrate. The world will benefit from your self care, trust me!

Now let’s keep visualizing our exchanges and keep building the New Earth! Sending love to all in the currency family



Post from Archangel Michael

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