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May 28 at 1:18pm

We have now entered the Final stage of The Rising Kundalini…the final three chakras…Throat, Third eye and Crown ( if the throat chakra is stuffy know the kundalini energies are now ready for the last leg of the final surge). As the Kundalini energies navigate this final leg even the guides/ gods/ goddesses who appear to us are different from the ones when we began this journey of purification and integration. The Gods/ Goddesses / Guides/ Masters who come to us more prominently now are the ones usually associated with new beginnings,fertility, creation etc

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Welcome beloved brothers and sisters to this Most Precious Moment in all of History, NOW. We each come into this life as innocent children of God. We reach out seeking Love and acceptance. Some find it in their immediate family, parents and siblings who love and nurture you. Many of us seek it in our friends and companions we have journeyed with us throughout our lives. As we become adults we search for it in our quest for money, work, possessions and in recognition from our peers. Many of us experience tragedies, injuries and abuse through our lives that detour us away from our Source. We are always looking and questing for that Love outside of ourselves. The Greatest Treasure we each will ever discover lies Within this Vessel that you are journeying through this life with.

Awaiting your self-awareness is the most precious nugget of gold, the most perfect diamond ever found. Within you is your Connection to the Universe. Within you lies so much treasure, so much Wisdom, so much Love. Are you afraid of what lies Within? Our little self tries to block us from going Within. All the responsibilities, all those needing our attention distract us from this most special time when we are alone with ourselves and with God. God, the Great Mystery, Allah, Wakan Tanka, the Universe, whatever name you feel comfortable addressing this connection we have with source and to each other is patiently awaiting your Presence. Come our journey is ours alone to take. Only you are welcome Within you. Yes, we will distracted, yes, we will be fearful, yes we will make excuses why we do not have time. The Universe, the Wisdom, the Love and the Peace you desire awaits you.

For each of us awaits a magical, miraculous Moment that will inspire us to journey deeper. The deeper we journey more will be revealed. You will heal yourself and you will shed the burdens you carry. The Universe will open portals for you rise into. You will visit other dimensions, experience the vibrations of color, sound. You will meet beings of Light, teachers, angels and everything that you ever needed to know will be revealed. Now is the perfect Moment for you to journey Within. The Outer World is malleable, amorphous awaiting you to perceive it with an open and Loving Heart and Soul. This World id our Creation what will it be like if we each opened ourselves to the Divine Within.

I AM your H.I.P.P.I.E. Brother, You Are so very Loved, Allow the Universe to show you. NAMASTE(The Divine in me recognizes and honors, the Divine in you)

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