Wave X EFFECTS: Janet Yellen Falling Apart Delivering Speech

Janet Yellen Falling Apart Delivering Speech

I think you can probably see a pattern now.

Clinton is a takedown begging to happen. Boehner resigned this week. And now Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Yellen appears to be having some sort of breakdown on stage. (excerpt below)

Someone reported the Pope whispered a few words to Boehner who openly wept. Yes, he has always been an emotional guy, but what might Bergoglio have said?


It seems as though the feds may have received some bad news this week and perhaps see their future looming large.

The government of the US Corporation appears to be coming apart at the seams. Holder has already resigned, as did Dianne Feinstein. Yes, they saw the writing on the wall, but leaving won’t save them.

Who’s next, you ask? I can’t wait to find out. Fast and furious may soon take on a whole new connotation.

If you’d like to examine a longer version of the speech, it follows. I must say I felt overwhelming compassion for this woman as I watched her falter, knowing her demise is near.  ~ BP


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