Videos of Sleeping Giants In Stasis Chambers Ready To Awaken Whistleblower Claims

Source: Stillness in the Storm site

Corey Goode recently discussed several topics in episode 6 ofCosmic Disclosure. Apparently there are ‘smart glass’ devices containing information about our world and local part of the universe, similar to a wikipedia type library of information in a glass-like tablet. Whether or not the data provided therein is totally accurate remains unclear.

According to Goode, there are several dozen sites on Earth containing so called “Stasis Beings”, who are apparently in a time dilation chamber able to slow down time relative to the outside world. David Wilcock discussed them briefly in the below article.

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According to Wilcock, some of these beings were either from ancient Atlantean era races or even ET’s who came to Earth to participate in the Solar and Planetary evolution taking place. This energetic upliftment is so powerful that it apparently draws the attention of many different ET races for various purposes.

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