VIDEO… “GoodETxSG Part II [Part 2] – Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant”

goodetsgx_gravatar_150_5[Notable Update 3-22-15 2032 HST: I’m very strongly moved to create MP3s from this video. When they are finished I will post separately, and link back here.]

[Link to Part I (Kp blog post).]

Have not yet listened to this one, but seeing the response to Part I, this will likely be just as unveiling and informative.

Here are a few notes I took about the points discussed:

  • 24 min.: Called upon Jesus to help remove entities
  • 37 min.: Humans have been genetically programmed to “worship”
  • 48 min.: What we can do to move this along
  • 51 min.: getting rid of the control agenda
  • 55 min.: about off-Earth living; prison colonies
  • 1:10: AI (artificial intelligences)

Published on Jan 21, 2015
Former Project Avalon forum member, GoodETxSG speaks with Christine in this second interview recorded via Skype on November 23rd 2014. It is important to note that recalling memories is the process that all people use to view past events, in no way is this meant to indicate that the memories are not real.

With the publication of the first audio which came about when GoodET was able to vocalize his memories for the first time. The recording was made during a private recall session between Christine and GoodET in his home, previous to this moment he had been experiencing memory recall however had not been able to speak about these experiences.

The impact that the release of this video had was surprising and presented us with a difficult course to navigate. It had the effect of awakening in many others their own buried memories. GoodET and myself along with other moderators on the forum began receiving emails and private messages from those who wanted to tell their own stories. It became quickly apparent that while we worked effectively with our best intentions and heart felt compassion we also we not adequately prepared or had the proper format to provide the safety and expertise to lead so many through the potentially treacherous mind field of embedded triggers.

There is a deep story here and one that perhaps with time will be told in a coherent and truthful manner. Right now the layers are still peeling back, it is important for anyone involved and watching to maintain an open mind and heart.

We are still uncovering our long hidden memories that we know will lead us to our origins.

We extend the sincerest gratitude and honor to all Truth seekers whose courage and resilience has broken down some of the most difficult barriers in seeing our way through these dark games.


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