Veterans Today (VT) 4-14-15… “Caught: Germany Bought Israel’s Nukes” and “America, Khazarian Mafia Vassal State and Israeli occupied territory” (Preston James, Mike Harris)

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_108I’m just posting links here, and a highlight or two for each of these “Israel / Khazarian” type exposures.


Caught: Germany Bought Israel’s Nukes

“The existence of an Israeli nuclear program is no longer a secret. This is not altered, Israel continues internationally on a mythology of “intentional ambiguity” and restricts any mention of its own nuclear weapons program under threat of strictest punishment.

“Israel’s nuclear history began in 1952 with the founding of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. In July 1955, the Jewish state signed a contract offered by the United States to purchase under the program “Atoms for Peace”, a small research reactor for peaceful use. But even at that time Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and the then Director General of the Ministry of Defence, Shimon Peres , had ulterior motives.” [Kp note: some might be interested in the Israel nuclear history which is included in this article.]

America, Khazarian Mafia Vassal State and Israeli occupied territory

“Here is a list of nations that have recently rebelled against the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia which have either been taken down or are now under serious attack from Khazarian Mafia puppet states like Israel, America and Saudi Arabia.: 1. Libya 2. Iraq 3. North Korea 4. Cuba 5. Afghanistan…

“If America is to even survive, we must shrug off the infiltration of America by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and eliminate the Department of Homeland Security, Israel’s own private Police State Occupation Force inside America which has consolidated all Law Enforcement into on e central command structure they control.”

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