Veterans Today Radio (3-24-15) Stew Webb, Lon Gibby, Preston James (Lee Wanta)

Mar28,2015 – Source Stage2Omega



Published on Mar 26, 2015

Get the word out about Lee Wanta! This is the man that Alex Jones LIED about and said was “as real as the Easter Bunny”! Lee Wanta will End the Fed and it will be Nationalized! Get everybody you can to VT!

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  1. I believe the name is Leo Wanta. I am familiar with the history on Leo and his relations with President Reagan. Also the story about how Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton took him out West and beat him to try and get him to tell where he put the $27trillion. He would not cave in, so they arrested him and had him put in prison. He served several years and then was released. Do you know if the story on Bush Sr., after he became President stole the money is true or not? After prison Leo returned to Europe (Swiss) where he has been for sometime now. The has got to be one of the best kept secrets forever. If all the things I have read that will be done with the money are true, it will change our entire country. It will give us a chance to return to a Constitutional Republic instead of this corporation we live under, illegally!

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