Veterans Today: Gordon Duff VT 2-26-15… “Backlash: VT Radio Steps Over the Line”

veterans_today_banner_NEW_68Disclosure (the non-UFO type) continues at full speed. And apparently, a fair amount of “blowback”. Someone must have hit a nerve (or nerves).

For some reason, I converted this to MP3s, so I put the links to the four 25-minute parts below…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Backlash: VT Radio Steps Over the Line

By Gordon Duff with Stew Webb and Jim Dean

This is a radio interview from February 16, 2015. Other than the fact that I hog up nearly the entire two hour segment, there is much here, and I mean through the entire briefing, that is important.

There have been a variety of threats since this came out, sockpuppet fools on Facebook (who might want to consider learning to hide their IP addresses in the future) to real “nasties.”

Whoever the messenger, and here it is me, the message is “on.” Actually, when I listened to it, I wasn’t so sure it was me.

This is one piece that may well be able to introduce “us,” whoever we are collectively, to those who have the potential to “get it.”

The other fun part is figuring out which 5 or 6 things I said that caused so much trouble. It may well have been something I will never figure out.

Video notes:
Published on Feb 16, 2015

In what will go down in history as the day Gordon Duff dropped the atomic bomb on Alex Jones, Gordon Duff brought out new Intel that Alex Jones’ InfoWars group had been in direct communication with Israeli Intelligence and the Bronfman group, named as one of the planners of the 9/11 attack! InfoWars is being run by Bronfman according to Gordon Duff’s information! This is HUGE! During this communication, attacking VeteransToday and Gordon Duff was discussed!

Many other topics are discussed relating to 9/11, Ukraine and other topics – this is a MUST LISTEN for anybody awake. Please post this interview on ALL social networks so that Alex Jones is exposed as serving a foreign power. He has been caught communicating with Israeli Intelligence! The truth must now be spread like wildfire throughout the alternative media to break through the censorship blockade.

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