Urgent Warning To Dark Forces From Sanat Kumara, “You Will Be No More If You Continue In Your Belligerent Ways… From This Day On, You Will Obey… I Will Prevent Interference From You”

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Urgent Warning To Dark Forces From Sanat Kumara, “You Will Be No More If You Continue In Your Belligerent Ways… From This Day On, You Will Obey… I Will Prevent Interferences From You”


Christine: Sanat Kumara asked me to channel a statement to the dark forces as they are still carrying out some attacks, although not as seriously as before. I had to speak his warning in the spoken word, so I channeled. He did this because of an interference during the time we were in conversation. André, my ascended twin flame, who is constantly connected and on stand-by, said:

André: Wait, there is an interference!

Christine: then Sanat Kumara asked me to repeat with him or channel a statement to whoever they were. He declared to them that they will be taken to another world to continue their evolution and are not allowed to interfere with the children of the Sun, ‘from this day on’ and that ‘from this day on’ if they attempt to do so they will be sent to Saturn, for judgment, and will be made to lose their very existence in the sacred fires, and will be no more. He also said he will bring mankind, and the Earth, to the 5th dimension in a shorter time than previously stated!

Sanat Kumara’s tone is very warm, friendly and paternel, but really authoritative. I noted he used expressions such as ‘from this day on’ and ‘Sanat Kumara of the Great White Brotherhood of the Star’ but I could not remember the whole content. André has, however, dictated to me the message I was asked to channel so the dark forces would  hear it on the spot, and it is as follows:

Sanat Kumara: This is Sanat Kumara. I Am that I Am and I now declare through this messenger that you will be no more if you continue in your belligerent ways. I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara, who is stating that from this day on, you will obey, you will not be interferring with the forces of the Light embodied in these, my children, doing my work upon the Earth. From this day on I will prevent interferences from you, forces of darkness that have polluted the Earth and the consciousness of my children of Light born of the Great Central Sun. I will not allow it for they have awakened and turned the world around. They are pure in hearts. They have transmuted karma. By the Law of the One that they are invoking, I declare that this day there will occur an instant wrath to descend upon the head of you, dark ones, if you dare lifting a finger to attack my children of the Light. You will be taken to another world to continue your existence and your evolution now very soon, but if you continue attempting to interfere with them and the affairs of their world, there will be an instant reaction, you will be no more as you will be taken and your life, your very existence, if you can call it a soul, will be thrown in the sacred fires that are on the Planet Saturn, the sacred fires, not to endure eternal hell, because you will be no more, you will lose your very existence. The life of your soul will be taken if you lift a finger against these, my children. You will be no more and you will not pass! I Am Sanat Kumara of the Sun with Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this Solar System. We continue moving in space on our way towards the God Star Sirius where we shall take our place as the 8th system orbiting the Sun systems of this Constellation and we shall take our position planned many millions of years ago.


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This post speaks for itself…. and so does Sanat speak for himself… looks like playtime is OVER for the dark forces… and why not, since they have GOTTEN EVERYTHING WRONG about what life is about.  Sending Light to everyone no matter how dark or Light you think you are. :)

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