UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The Great Shift begins in 2017. No to Ebola vaccine

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Published on Oct 16, 2014

UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The great shift begins in 2017. If called to be Prime Minister I will serve…


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critical mass show

All thanks to one of our Reader Olaf for the Link and transcript of the show…… Nice interview by the way.. Who’ s Simon Parkes??.. Well chk my Earlier post on the same below

UK Councillor Simon Parkes raised by Mantid ETs: The Great Shift begins in 2017. No to Ebola vaccine

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Critical Mass Radio Station via blogtalkradio
Interview with Simon Parkes, 2014

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THE CRITICAL MASS SHOW WITH PAUL GIOVANNI AND SIMON PARKES 11/17 by Critical Mass Radio station | News Podcasts.

transcript of the showCritical Mass Radio Station via blogtalkradio
Interview with Simon Parkes, 2014

Looking for somebody else to save Humanity?
Human race had to save themselves

A different form of government

8 of 10 radio interviews (with Simon) are from other countries than UK
the BBC banned me
National Security Council: turning off alternate media is possible (but might cause a revolution)

Hollywood: Look at the particular alien that is pushed by Hollywood.
There are 107 different species of Grey. They push the robotic ones.
There are a number of those held in storage facilities in Great Britain and in America.For any false flag alien invasion those are the creatures that will have to be ruled out to make a staged appearance somewhere.
Hollywood has the effect: When people see those they will automatically say “That is an alien” rather than “that is a secret weapon of the American government.” That’s the whole point about Hollywood pushing that particular image. … This is part of the programming.

Alien Origins of Human Life on Earth

Tesla, Free Energy and sellers. Multinational corporations have absolutely no interest in giving mankind the benefits of free energy.

Steven Basset and disclosure. Disclosure will only come from within the elite.
I expect a partial disclosure first to test the water.

Ebola: push fear, try to RFID everybody

Is Obama still president? Yes.

Are Ufos a security thread? They cannot say they are a security thread, because the next question would be: how would we deal with them.

Antaris rocket explosion: For many years the American military have been hiding things in civilian rocket launches. (… some more info here that I did not understand)

Steven Greer:  A very good friend of mine contacted him with some ideas. Greer’s only answer was “How much is in it for me.”

Experiences with UFOS and propulsion systems: Reptilians are not so good in creating their own stuff, they are good in copying and stealing. Charles Hall. Genuine ET = they travel here in real time (took them 18…20 years).
Most 4th density aliens will travel here by a portal. They are extremely old non-human races.
The American had a triangle first generation spacecraft for about 20 years, back engineered.

UFOs disappear = going into another dimension.

When can ordinary people shake hands with ET/ED?
The vast majority is not yet ready to cope with contact.
The negative aliens have absolute no intention so show up themselves, because they like the status quo (control governments, running a prison planet).
The more positive aliens want disclosure, but they know when they show themselves this can lead to wars on earth and cause some psychologically damage. Some show up to people and security services investigate what is the effect of that on people.

Quarantine on Earth:
a) stop things getting in (is currently been lifted)
b) stop things getting out
Positive creatures from outside are visiting this planet in much higher rate than have been.

Factors that support alien contact:
The history of your soul, the soul type (the star family where your soul is from), the bloodline (DNA) and the blood in your body dictate whether these creatures come to you.

Connection between psychic realm and ET? Yes.
You have to be absolutely careful when channeling, because you can channel can be hacket into and false information can appear.

Rhesus positive comes from the rhesus apes.

Shadow beings

Invitation from a billionaires group: body guards, armed cars and a bunker

Convincing people?
Pyramids: All pharaohs were buried in temples outside the pyramids. Archeologists date the pyramid 2250 BC. But a geologist will say 15.000 years.
The Feline people (Cilroty) originated from the orion star system. One group splittet to the Sirius star system. The evolved over millennia to a substantial different group and took the name Cilroty. They were contacted by the reptilians. The formed a base on Mars. That’s why the face on mars is both cat and human. … They came to Egypt and helped build it. That’s why on the temple walls what look like cats
The pyramids did more than one thing. They were (?), they were an energy device and a weapon. …
Building of the pyramids.

Hall of records is sealed up by National Security Agency working with the antiquities of Egypt. … Also the records in the Vatican.
Along the ?? mountains, (Hungry, Croatia, …) is a number of deep underground bases, which are several thousands years old. Some of these pyramids all lead to the same system. These were not build by the reptiloids, but by another human life form.

Edgar Cayce

Are the gates of hell opening?
Crime has gone down in every country of the world since Dec, 21, 2012. …

Our relation with Mantids.
Important role, because they have a connection with the earth. Their agenda rather is benevolent. (…)

Help aliens with Fukushima and pollution of the ocean.
The whole plan was to bring Japan down, because it was against the Illuminati.
The pollution is not that high. You got 98% destruction of some species, but not all species.

Have we been back to the moon?
The Apollo spacecraft …
The Moon is an artificial satellite. The bases are on the far side of the moon. There also are humans in the base.
The G20 briefing was not given by the Cabal this time (2014)?
That is absolutely true. The financial control of the cabal is weakened, (but) not it’s military control.
The problem is: this could cause a financial collapse.

Human value system is changing

Human’s were 12 dimensional. About 120.000 there was a group (Arcons) working through a group, the draconis reptilians, took humanity and genetically altered them, removed the 12 strands of DNA they had, gave them two strands of DNA and a blue switch in their brain. Humanity was dumped down. Now people are reactivated, they are getting their energetic DNA strands back.
… You can find the truth and you can evolve.

The technology that turned the USS “Donald Cook” into a sitting duck?
The Russians and Chinese are on the way to overtaking the Americans in terms of technology, because the technology the Russians are getting – there is no tie on it, basically they just been given is, whereas in America it was “we give you this technology if you do this for us”.
Russia in the last 3..4 years has … 15…20 years in technology advance.



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