UFO’s And Giant Structures on the Moon | Eyewitness Testimony from NASA Employees

Here is yet more data suggesting the Moon is much more then a dead and lifeless object close to us in space.

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Source – UFO Sightings Shot Spot

We all know that NASA is covering up evidence of the existing of UFOs, aliens, structures and buildings on the Moon and Mars.

NASA is hiding all this evidence for the public but till when? More and more amateur astronomers have the opportunity to buy powerful telescopes connected to HD Cameras to capture clear images, for example, from the Moon or other space objects and unknown anomalies.

That not everyone agrees with NASA’s policy (US government policy) to hide all the evidence on UFOs and extraterrestrial live may be clear.

And that even within the NASA organization there are employees who disagree NASA’s policy proves the following 2009 video in which Sergeant Karl Wolf and Ms Donna Hare, two former NASA employees, do their testimony on what they saw on NASA’s photographs, such as huge aliens structures on the dark side of the Moon and UFOs hovering on the lunar surface photographed and filmed by Apollo crews during their moonwalks.

The next remarkable NASA footage is from the 1971 Apollo 15 mission and it appears to show a possible UFO hovering/ parked on the lunar surface apparently observing the Apollo 15 Moon landing.

The footage is one of a series of high-speed, time-lapse videos of the Apollo 15 Moon landing in the NASA archives and filmed by astronaut Jim Irwin.

The original NASA video file: Jim Irwin’s descent to the surface: Journal Text: 120:06:18 2 minutes 47 seconds (Real Video Clip: 0.7 Mb or MPG Video Clip: 25 Mb) can be found at the following data link: https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a15/video15.html#landing



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