Two New Cobra Interviews for March 2016 [text, audio, video]

UPDATE: March 29, 11:57 am – Just need to say that in the PFC interview… Whether as a result of readers’ questions or by design… Cobra takes us into previously unreported territory which is more disclosure, IMHO. ~ BP

Okay, so here I am on my day off at Starbucks because hubby is online all day, sucking the bandwidth and I need to stream. I have a lot of catching up to do on videos and audios. So much happening!

This isn’t what I had planned, but lately I have been inclined to be creative and find workarounds for several specific and recurring limitations I am no longer willing to tolerate.

Fortunately, however, many situations are resolving themselves, like unwanted neighbours (and their dogs) moving. We have seen the exodus of six people total next door on either side and their seven dogs in the past few months, and today learned of two more folks and their noisy, aggressive dog soon to leave our immediate vicinity.

The replacements so far have zero dogs and one cat. Hallelujah! It’s so much quieter in the ‘hood now.

Oh—and let’s not forget the snowbirds are vacating their winter nests and life is migrating back toward normalcy. Since our local population almost doubles for six months, it puts quite a strain on us, creating lineups on our roads, in our stores, restaurants, gas stations, airports, pharmacies and medical facilities and stresses the locals to no end.

There are shortages of many things, patience included, and full time residents take many opportunities to vent. Entitlement is never more apparent than here in the winter and I can feel the air of ease seeping back with the warmer weather.

There is much hope for better circumstances in the near future for us all as Cobra consistently relates.

Following are the links to two new interviews. I always pick up new info and refresh my memory of older intel with each discussion.

Thank you, Cobra, for giving us the perspective to see reality more clearly, and for the hope we need to persevere. Victory of the Light! ~ BP

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