Transcript of Corey Goode on Caravan To Midnight Episode 359 | MILAB Programs, Recruitment Process, Blue Orb Beings, Ancient Builder Race, and more

This is the transcript of an interview Corey Goode recently did. It covers the general work he has been doing in the secret space program as well as many other nuggets of information hitherto unrevealed. To be clear, I did not do this transcript. A gracious thank you to the person who did.

Here are a few points I found interesting:
– In the TV series The Black List, Raymond Reddington, played by James Spader, mentions a hidden Cabal which crosses national boarders in a world wide criminal network.
– MILAB apparently stands for Military Abduction, and the diverse range of activities under this umbrella.
– The REAB program, where MILAB re-abducts people who have been taken by ET’s for various reasons.
– Corey’s recruitment into MILAB via standardized testing.
– Memory wiping and replacement during the early years of the MILAB training.
– Definition of Intuitive Empath.
– Resistance of Intuitive Empaths to memory wiping technology.
– MILAB program sorting for different skill sets using virtual reality training providing a situation to test the moral aptitude of the individual to see if they quality for ‘darker’ agendas.
– Trauma based mind control techniques.
– Recently decrypted Edward Snowden NSA data revealed a treasure trove of data, some related to blackmail files used to keep government officials in line.
– Intuitive Empath’s interface or communicate with non-terrestrials.
– Nature of the Blue Orbs seen during chemtrail spraying.
– Smart Glass pads working through consciousness itself, not just a fancy type of iPad.
– Government sanctioned ET abductions traded for technology.
– Human and Animal mutilation via negative ET’s.
– Transhumanism.
– AI ET threat.
– AI nanite infection a big concern for the secret space program.
– Sphere Being Alliance does not use technology as we know it. They are 6th – 9th density.
– Lower density groups (5th and below) use technology in some form.
– Story of being outed.
– Corey never heard of an underground base called Dulce.
– Honeycomb Earth accessed by submarine. Crystal caves which are alive explored during Corey’s time in the secret space program.
– Cosmic Web or natural star gate systems used to travel to Mars and elsewhere. The so called ‘jump rooms’ to Mars.
– The ancient builder race disappeared millions of years ago.
– Caverns in the solar system the size of Texas, made from strange materials, millions of years old.
– Major portal system outside our star system used by many ET races.
– Humans are very genetically diverse.
– Big disclosure coming with a catalyst. Most likely a financial collapse which exposes the huge fraud of the system. Then people will be ready for the big ‘data dump’.
– Many religions reveal aspects of the ET agendas.

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SourceSphere Being Alliance

Intro This is Caravan To Midnight the John B Wells program. Here is John B…

John: looking at the webpage on the Welcome page, it is stated here, with all of the events occurring above and below. There is a lot of information, disinformation and competing agendas, that are all competing for fertile places in our consciousness, to plant their seeds. Some people have been chosen to focus on the more down to Earth events, and the battles over the financial dept system (Babylonian Money Magic Slave System), financial resets, financial jubilee and gifted money to the masses, and prosperity settlements. There is an element of what we call the Alliance that is fighting the current and controlling elite, known as the cabal or illuminati by other names, down here on Earth at this very moment. This website focuses on the message that was delivered by the Blue Avians one of 5 Beings, the Orb Beings, the Blue Avians, the Golden Triangle Headed Beings, and two others that have not revealed themselves to us yet. The Orb beings have been visiting many tens of thousands of people in the form of Blue Indigo balls of light. While others have been visited by the Blue Avians and given a greeting phrase to know one another by. We have been seeing a lot of these Blue/Indigo Orbs, kinda, seems like their following us around. Hey Corey Goode welcome to the program it’s good to have you here, Thanks for making the time for us. This is gonna be, I predict an extraordinary conversation. How are ya?

Corey: I’m doing well, Thank you for the invitation.

John: Your what they call a whistleblower, aren’t you?

Corey: Ah indeed, Yes, ah, I’ve been a whistleblower now on The Secret Space Program, and ah, the, also the Crimes Against Humanity, that the, what we call in the programs call the Secret Earth Government and their Syndicates. We, ah, a lot of people refer to them as the cabal or the illuminati, but we take the mystique out of it, we call them what they are Syndicates, their Criminals.

John: You know it’s interesting there something called The Black List with um, James Spader, and he goes around.

Corey: I’ve heard of it

John: Yeah, delivering payback, it’s one of the few network shows, it’s kind of appealing, he’s a little bit of a bobble head, he kinda moves his head a lot when he talks, other then that, he’s great that’s his style. With Bogart it was his cigarettes and his voice, right, but the point is, he has been referring to the cabal for a long time, and that one of the season finales, he had summoned together a group of the finest independent journalists out there, and said if you take this job, you’re putting everything you have, and everything you’re ever gonna have, so to speak, your lives, on the line. But here is the List go get em, and he wants to bring down the cabal. So we’ve heard about the illuminati, we’ve heard about the cabal is kinda of a recent name for them. But it’s a good one. Who are these guys Corey? I mean there not the faces that we ever see, are they, I mean like, never, they like don’t go to bilderberg do they?

Corey: Some of them do.

John: Do they?

Corey: Yeah, some a few, most of these people, are people that run the people that go to these Bilderberg meetings, and ah, their 2 or 3 or 4 positions removed from the puppets that we vote for.

John: Yep

Corey: So, um, these are not, if names, if there is ever at full disclosure that, the names begin to come out, ah people are not going to recognize the names, names are not going to be Rockerfeller and this kind of thing. These people are further down, um, the totem pole, then most would think.

John: Alright then look, um, when we start talking about subjects like this, ah, I mean just in complete fairness to you, it’s like, this is either a really crazy guy who’s got an advanced case of Walter Mitty syndrome or this is pretty scary stuff for some people. And I’m gonna go with the latter former because I can’t imagine, I see you, I spoke to you a few minutes before we got going here, and um, I don’t read crazy on you at all. Not a bit.

Corey: Right, and..

John: Unless you are really crazy, you know enough to get past my sensors, or this is the real thing, and I am thinking that it is.

Corey: And to be fair, you know, everyone should use their personal discernment, with not only anything that I’m saying, but, there are so many gurus and whistleblowers and people delivering information right now, a lot of it conflicting, it’s a very confusing time, and um, you know, and indeed this field as you know does attract, um, a lot of people that are schizophrenic and do unfortunately have sociological issues, so you know, people, it is why, people being skeptical and wanting to really, um, hear more before they buy into it, shows wisdom and discernment, and I applaud that.

John: Well, ah, I tell you what if you have a structured, a structured method of presentation of what you want to tell us, then I will just roll with you, otherwise you may be subjected to random questions, in fact I’ll fire off off one random question. Recently

Corey: Yeah, random, go ahead

John: You go ahead sorry, I cut you off

Corey: I was going to say, probably random questions is probably the best way to go, most of the information, I have put out there for all to see, and, I’m here to answer your questions so

John: I appreciate that.

Corey: So fire away.

John: Well is it MILAB or we call it MELAB.

Corey: I have heard it pronounced both.

John: Ok

Corey: But, it’s MILAB, really, because it stands for Military Abduction.

John: And this is a real thing, this is not bravo sierra, this stuff is real, this does happen.

Corey: Absolutely, and it, there, it’s become a catch phrase, catch all phrase, many of the people out there they just associate MILAB to equals Super Soldier which is a very narrow band, narrow way of looking at the, overall MILAB, issue.

You know there is MILAB there is REAB, the re-abduction, which is done by Military, it’s a MILAB thing. Where they re-abduct people who are abducted by extraterrestrials, for numbers of reasons, you know to to find out why that extraterrestrials are interested in them.
Physical tests, biological tests, sociological tests, all sorts of tests on them.
Some people that are “MILAB’d” quote, end quote, are one time MILAB’d, sometimes they are MILAB’d for a period of time, and then there are the MILAB’s who are MILAB’d over a long period of their lives, starting back in early childhood because they are a part of a, one of Many Black Ops training programs, and ah, one of which, you know, one of which is the Super Soldier program.
And the Super Soldier program, I’ve seen some of those guys, and that has been built up to a lot more than it really is.
These people aren’t super human, as a lot of people put out, but ah, there’s ah, the MILAB umbrella covers a lot more than most people understand.

John: Ok and when you talk about a Black Op, your talking about something that’s unsanctioned by any Government department, there’s no paper trail, it’s being run by people effectively outside the Government or any Government oversight or anything, it’s like talk about the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions, the secretary doesn’t need to disavow anything he doesn’t know about your actions, is that pretty close?

Corey: Yeah, right, yeah, your pretty spot on. There are some elected officials that know, about this, but these elected officials are also compromised in other ways, ah, in intelligence programs and but very few in what we know of as the legitimate(chuckle). Well I wouldn’t say legitimate, the Government, structure that we know of, have any idea, of what’s going on, in this aspect.

John: Understood, now, you were recruited when you were 6. How did that happen? Once they did that, did they pick you up and whisk you away, I mean do your parents have anything to say about it, do they take you for a little bit, start the process and take you back home, when you’re supposed to be at school, I mean, how does that happen, how does that work?

Corey: Well, I was, initially, I had popped up on their radar, somehow, and I had some memories and experiences when I was younger then that, but they were not MILAB related they were somewhat kind of abduction related. Ah but then (sigh), I was so young. When I got into public schools, and, when I got into public schools they had an opportunity to use standardize testing, to start to identify people like myself and other types of people, that would pop up as little blips, or anomalies in these tests, and they would either keep their eye on these people, or further test them. And if they popped up as a large enough anomaly, and I um, I almost immediately, they came in and actually asked my parents permission to do further testing on me. And the testing was like one on one, like a counseling type testing, and they would ask me questions with a pencil, ask me to draw things, they would do the Rorschach kinds of tests. And then they used the cards that you have probably seen on Ghosts busters, to where um, they ask you to, you know, guess is there a star on the cards.

John: Wavy lines, a star, a cross, all that stuff, a circle.

Corey: Yeah, that precognitive kinds of tests, and then they would identify what they would consider your talents, once you popped up, and on, on these anomalies, on these standardize tests.

John: Alright, and now do you remember what your ah, remember what your, ok well, now what do your parents have to say about this? Did the Military come to them and just say, don’t say anything or your gonna disappear, we need to use your kid, or what?

Corey: No, I’ve ah (sigh), I haven’t directly, and I’ve got a feeling that this is coming up because this is, I initially wanted to be, a ah, completely anonymous whistleblower about all of this, but some researchers made an executive decision to out me(sigh) and the rest is history. Since then, you know, I’ve done some test questions with my family to see if they knew, what was going on, they do remember and know about the testing, but, it does seem that they had nothing to do with, or knew about, the, the MILAB program, they didn’t understand, that sometimes, 2 days a week I was being put in a white van and driven from, where I was in North Texas to Carswell Airforce base and other locations, being taken off campus, from school, they, so, they seem to be innocent, had nothing to do with, or do not know about these things. And, my family are very conservative Christians, and, I quite honestly, when this all gets to a point, to where they fully hear about(chuckle), the full breath of it, I have joked around with David Wilcock, I fully expect us to be invited over to the house, and, my family to be there for an intervention with the local, our, the pastor of the church and a psychiatrist, with everybody looking very concerned

John: Yeah, because your seeing aliens and orbs and such.

Corey: Yes.

John: Got ya.

Corey: Yeah so, there very conservative Christians family, and so this is going to be something a little bit beyond their paradigm, and belief system and reality bubble.

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