The World in a Swirl and Rahm Emanuel and Gloria Borger Outed by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

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Sunday   March 22, 2015

The World in a Swirl and Rahm Emanuel and Gloria Borger Outed

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America  -  It can now be reported that the ISIS British MI6 scripted crisis actor cells have decompartmentalized and gone hybrid after the funding for these ISIS cells has been cut off.

The British ISIS stooge bank headquartered in the nation of Qatar reference The British Bank of the Middle East has frozen all ISIS related accounts after being fingered for supporting this alleged terrorist organization.

Note: At this hour no one is being paid.

Iran will now fill the vacuum in Iraq with, once again, the direct financial support of the British government.

Iran’s destruction of ISIS will allow British Petroleum (BP) to control over 60% of market share in the crude oil market and basically neutralize U.S. oil giant Chevron and bring none other than Saudi Arabia to its knees.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
head of the North American Israeli Mossad

P.S. We can now divulge that the city of Chicago faces a mounting debt of $298 million and an S&P Moody’s downgrade thanks to the corrupt financial dealings of current Chicago Mayor (head of the North American Israeli Mossad) Rahm Emanuel, along with 5th 3rd Bank of Chicago and Chicago Harris Bank.

Emanuel, along with CME Group President Terry Duffy (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), have allowed these banks to engage in illegal cross-collateralized foreign currency and interest rate electronic derivative-based algorithm trading that now puts both 5th 3rd Bank and Harris Bank in need of a federal ‘bail out’.

Note: Emanuel has also used the crooked Chicago bankruptcy courts to loot financial investors’ money, i.e. the PFG Wassendorf debacle.

P.P.S. We can now happily announce that DULY ELECTED, non-inaugurated natural born year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr. is about to run for re-election.

This, of course, may be preempted if the PATRIOT U.S. Military stages a “Constitutional” coup and has Albert Gore Jr. inaugurated as President NOW as he should have been in January of 2001.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate media whore aka Gloria Borger of CNN

In closing, we bring you an anatomy of a Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate media whore aka Gloria Borger of CNN.

Last week CNN’s Wolf Blitzer discussed the possibility of Al Gore running for President at which point racist tribablist Jewish anti-Catholic bigot Gloria Borger aka Hillary stooge flew into a rage. Gore is old news she said, we need fresh blood.

Note: Borger’s definition of “new blood” is Jeb Bush vs Hillary.   In other words, continuation of 35 years of anti-Constitution NAZI Paperclip occupation of the United States.

Gloria Borger’s husband, Lance Morgan, was directly involved in the cover up of Iran-Contra, which helped perpetuate Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate rule.

Borger’s husband, Lance Morgan, and listen to this, folks, works for a D.C. lobbying firm Powell-Tate who hired Nicolle Wallace former Communications Director for BushFRAUD and was a former press secretary for year 2000 election stealer and nation wrecking enabler Jeb Bush.

Direct message to Ms Borger: Cease and desist! Quit threatening the Democratic Party when it comes to voting or even supporting Hillary Clinton.   We know you are supporting her, Gloria, because she is Jewish like you are. 

Hillary is a HIGH Treason Traitor and neo-con who was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr., and the neo-con media-run jihad against Caroline Kennedy (now U.S. Ambassador to Japan) when she tried to become U.S. Senator from New York after Hillary was nominated U.S. Secretary of State by then President-elect Barack Obama.

Finally, message to Borger: Al Gore elected Bill Clinton twice and was then elected himself in the year 2000 presidential election.  He does not need any help from the Clintons.   It is the Clintons that will need help from Gore and that help will not be forthcoming.


CNN Gloria Borger’s husband Lance Morgan, Chief Communications Strategist at Powell Tate
…Lance served as spokesman for the U.S. Senate Iran-Contra investigating committee …

Nov 17, 2009 … Powell Tate is a well-known Washington DC-based lobbying, …
The company still maintains it political lobbying strengths through the employment of White House aides and insiders in the main political parties.
In January 2007 the company announced that Nicolle Wallace, former Bush White House Communications Director, has joined the firm; prior to the White House appointment, she had served as Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s Press Secretary.

Nicolle Wallace Endorses A Hillary Presidential Run: ‘I’m A Huge Fan’

Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed


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