Isis: Well, it’s time for them to go back to the source (Great Central Sun) and be recycled if they do not give up now in the last days of all this mess they perpetuated.
The anunnaki did take the gold from this planet – I think it’s time to give it back.

These are criminals, even if they are aliens, they are still criminals and need to be judged. Who gave them the right to stole this planet gold and most outrageously it is who gave  them right to intervene in our evolution to make us their slaves.

I do not care if they now passed to the Light (some of them) – if they did or not, they need to give back all of the gold they stole from this planet – this is my point and I am sticking with it – now you know my “vote” for the ears who need to hear it.

“Prince Nannar-Allah, son of Earth-Commander Enlil-Yahweh runs the camp of Anunnaki already here.

Nannar and his czars nowadays run all of Earth’s institutions. Prince Marduk** heads the Anunnaki camp of 330 Anunnaki, here from Nibiru since the 1970s.”

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This Video is the most in depth Video I have done to date. it will not only show how the History of Earth goes back 450, 000 years, but also that the ancient…

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