The “Pizzagate” Fallout Continues in a Firestorm of Revelations [videos]

My in-box was loaded with Pizzagate-related mail yesterday, so I’m sharing in one post.

As I said when this PedoGate cracked open, the real media—the alternative or independent media— will NOT let this rest. We will not forget about it. We not allow anyone else to forget about it.

We will ensure it remains in our faces until all doubt that Pizzagate involves an isolated group in America, or that it is a “conspiracy theory” is abandoned.

The Satanic pedophilia on our planet is key in understanding what has happened and how. It must stop, but won’t while people are unaware of it, or choose to sweep it under the carpet. We have to hold the perps’ feet to the fire.

The convoluted web of murder and predation Humanity finds itself stuck in is easily understood once we accept certain facts as reality.

Thomas Williams revealed some disturbing information recently that even many of his regular audience members had great difficulty assimilating. He said perhaps the most difficult aspect to accept was that Humanity is not at the top of the food chain. No, not by a long shot. In fact, on the Universal level, we’re near the bottom by the reckoning of some. We’ve discussed this before at Starship Earth, and it didn’t feel good, but there it is.

You may wish to take in that show from Sunday, February 19 if you think you’re strong enough.

This is all part of disclosure, and to say we demand full disclosure may take on a slightly different meaning now. Perhaps “full disclosure” needs to mean disclosure of everything that most of US already know—but leaving some of the more painful aspects for a little later. Perhaps—just perhaps—not all of we “awakened ones” are ready for “full Disclosure”…?

Yes, we are prey. Thanks Richard, for these two videos that serve to illustrate that there is far more going on with politics than most imagine.

Scott Binsack was a victim of the Satanic pedophiles and did a Livestream video 3 days ago about it, for our greater understanding. It’s not only “Pizzagate” in Washington, he clarifies, for anyone who missed it—it’s on a far greater scale—as in global. Great video, thanks K.

Most of the general population doesn’t believe “all” of their government is compromised or evil. That’s their biggest downfall. Once you understand the Satanic pedophilia, however, one can understand how that is possible, and IS the root of so many problems.

If you wish to go deeper into a lesser known level of analysis, reverse speech reveals the true meaning of statements in normal conversation. Thanks, L.

Podesta’s interview turns up some interesting information.

Reverse Speech Analysis by Tiffany Fontenot on John “Skippy” Podesta’s Pizzagate Interview, Feb. 2017

Everything that happens on this planet is related, and that is becoming readily apparent to many of us. They know we know, and we’re coming for them, so they have stepped up their game.

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently provided an alternative search engine for us;, so we could bypass Google.

Now, Mike Adams’ website has been removed from Google’s search records, Alex Jones’ Info Wars channel was attacked, David Seaman’s YouTube channel has now been ripped from the archives. Where will it end, and how long can the general public ignore the war?

The controllers are silencing some of the loudest voices exposing them.

Check out Dr. Presser’s most recent post, “Red Alert: And Then They Came for Me”.

What happens next? We’ll soon find out.  ~ BP


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