The Internet is a Key Theatre in the War Against the Dark, and Truth is NWO Enemy #1 As Evidenced by This Reddit NASA Press Conference


This story from Joe Martino at “Collective Evolution” out of Ontario, Canada was the first to greet my eyes this morning.

Make no mistake—it’s ON! You no doubt heard that Mike Adams and Alex Jones are the latest casualties of note in Google’s war on the alternative or independent media/REAL news.

Humanity is going to HAVE to get organized and work together to combat the strong-arm tactics the Google monster is using to silence and control the opposition. There are ways to foil their attempts to suppress and ridicule the truth.

As far as disclosure of the ETs, what’s absurd is the fact that we have countless photos and video of space craft and Light ships, not to mention the leaks and testimony of insiders and many contactees yet the controllers simply ignore it. Do they still think it still qualifies as a secret? Apparently.

From this story below we learn that while there are those who are openly revealing the Extraterrestrial presence, NASA is still denying it—all the while promoting the bull crap claims that they have recently found the minute possibility that life may exist on other planets. Give me a break.

Mr. Trump, would you please dissolve the agency NASA? It’s a joke.

What will it take for people to realize ETs have always been on OUR planet? Just a little more time… 

Full Disclosure with a capital “D” is not far off, and some say it WILL happen in 2017. I believe I saw a headline this week stating India might be the nation that outs the existence of our galactic brethren.

I question the motives in pairing up “Ask me Anything” Reddit and “Never A Straight Answer” NASA, but this is the result. Truth is not easy to find these days unless you know where to dig and who to trust.

Joe included former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer’s testimony from the Citizen Disclosure Hearing at the Washington Press Club, so if you’ve never seen any footage from that, now’s your chance to catch up on that 25 minute disclosure. Paul is one of my heroes, and who could be more credible?  ~ BP

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