Tara & Rama Report 4-26-16

May 5, 2016

Tara: Greetings! OK, so I just want to go back to Friday, Everybody, because Rama went up the mountain last Friday, the 22nd. That was Earth Day, and he met with the Snowflake People.

Rama: Yes.

Tara: and these beings are very large.

Rama: Yes, these beings are10 to15 feet tall.

Tara: They just explained that the image that they reflect is Dr Emoto’s snowflake image of clean flowing water and that’s the consciousness which all living beings flow through -the water spirit.  And to send that crystalline energy vibration through all animal life, vegetable life, mineral life and that this is a vibration that is 12th dimensional and higher

Rama: Yes.

Tara: and that it is truly uplifting everyone, in spite of what the appearances are,which are certainly at least the opposite.  And then on that same day later, Lady Di and Dodi  and Lady Master Nada called us on their encrypted satellite phone from the Wesak Valley where they have been now for over a year. And they said that their thriving community off the gri- Keshe plasma energy-spherical structures are up to 2500 and most of them are refugees – Syrian, Afghani, Tibetan, Iranian, Russian, Mongolian, Siberian, etc. This is the whole world that has been affected by Bush-Clinton crime family. Yet at the same time with this particular full moon – Buddha ’s birthday in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus, Lady Master Nada said, the Syrian Peace Talks may completely fall apart due to the black ops and the Israeli Mossad, yet on the big story, the 13 families and their evil plans are completely collapsing before their very eyes. One might have to look past what it appears. Everything in this nanosecond is about transformation and transfiguration.


Then we went on, and on that same day, Leonardo DiCaprio got up in front of the UN and said, “No more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and to dictate the science and the policies that affect our future. This is the body that can do what is needed, all of you sitting in this very hall. The world is now watching. You’ll either be lauded by future generations or villified by them.“ Of course we know that greater things than their plans are in plan.

And I just wanted to mention that Kaypacha said something pretty beautiful about this Wesak full moon. He said, “As I am centered in my core there is stillness that’s much more than an idle mind. It’s the source that gives birth to all that is new, wanting to rise from the base of my spine. This is a time period which is designed for self growth, self knowing and spirit driven purposeful activity. This can also be a time of great accomplishment, success, hard work leading to achievement and disciplined duty leading to beautiful results. Life is just showing us how on track we are these days. So it would behoove us all to listen to our heart’s song.”

Then we go on, and on Sunday there was Anisa from RT [Russia Today] and she opens up the book on television, on RT, about the Duplessis orphans and told their story, about 300,000[sic] children that the Catholic church incarcerated, tortured, abused and put in cells in mental hospitals. What I didn’t know and what she was expressing was (a woman and her mother were in this situation with these 300,000 [sic] children) was that our CIA and our American Psychiatric Association oversaw all those hospitals in collusion with the Vatican. So let’s send that a whole lot of accountability with love, in those circumstances. I don’t think there has ever been such an expose. Rama has spoken to Anisa. She is a very advanced soul and it takes a lot of courage to speak truth to power. Let it be so that the circle be unbroken.

Then we go on to the 28 mostly redacted pages which explain in English that the Bush Clinton crime family did 9/11 along with our CIA and the Mossad. Putin is going to put his cards in, he is going to break this news along with full disclosure, so send a lot of light. Putin’s playing a large role here to make things so. And then Katherine and Mr.X, they said, “Do not underestimate President Barack Obama , over lighted by El Morya at all times. He is the double agent he is , he also sits on the 9th seat of the Sirian Council of 9, and he is from Andromeda. Andromeda brings in the crystal beings and the indigo Violet vibration. He will come through this with flying colors, as you might say.

Tara: I just wanted to share a little bit about Steven Colbert’s show on Thursday evening.

He just said that he wanted to take a moment as the sad news of Prince having passed that day had come to everyone.  And he had said that he was just a student, you know, he loved his music and he was just a fan. Yet his band leader, his name is John, is from New Orleans. He is a very advanced soul, and he said that, “I understand that you and some other members of this band you have here and other artists, you folks actually got to work with Prince and it must have been a tremendous honor, so do you have any memoirs of him you’d like to share?” And John said, “Yeah, he had a huge aura and his energy and his presence in a room just filled everybody’s hearts . He had a certain kind of a way of being aware of what was going on.  He then related this little story. He said that, “I remember one time we were all backstage and I was talking with Prince, and without even looking in the direction, he just pointed his finger and then said “ courtesy”, then everybody looked in the direction of his finger and there were 5 people there. And you don’t exactly know what he was speaking of and then as you see that someone had a phone and that he was filming our conversation. Everybody figured out that it was something to do with that and he just pointed his finger again and said,”Courtesy, put the phone away.”  He then said “Put it down“ and the gentleman put it down and then he said, “in your pocket” and he put it in his pocket and Prince said, “Thank you very much” and went on speaking. Then Steve Colbert said, Sounds like he had this total awareness and John said, Yes, and he had that beautiful purple violet auric space in his energy.

Tara: I’m just going out on a limb and saying that this was an aspect of St Germain. What do you think?

Rama: I would say, Yes.

Tara: At the old Ed Sullivan theater is where Steve Colbert does his shows, he said, In honor of Prince we are going to change the lighting, and he changed all the lights to a violet light and the whole place is just amazing and I just say that, those kinds of spiritual energies being brought to an audience of millions and millions of people walking and talking about this for a long time. That makes a big difference!

Rama today got to speak with Tom The Ring-tailed Cat and Larry and Kathryn, who works with the King of Swords, and they told Rama that the collapse of the petro-dollar system is hanging by Superman’s hair because they don’t want to give up their fossil fuel addiction. Along with Tom and Larry and Kathryn, Curly joined the conversation and they all told me that there are so many spherical ships in our atmosphere and our solar system and these are all part of Horus’s fleet who work with Mother Sekhmet and her Paschats. So the Guardians of the Galaxy are here and they all said that we are going to see a shift in the news cycle now, possibly by the end of the month – yet no dates. And It has to do with Ms Hillary and the FBI probe concerning the emails, which have to do with the unacknowledged black budget operations which is HUUUGE, as Dr Greer refers to them, which he said go right into the secret space program, which is the continuing Fourth Reich black ops program dealing with dark Sirian Satanians in the other Inner Earth black operation program and other dark ET collaborations. We are on the extreme edge of someone, perhaps a mole in the controlled media, such as Shephard Smith of the Fox News network, telling a serious story about a positive encounter with the Ashtar Command instead of a negative alien ET invasion of which they are planning on.

And again Rama asked and I understand that Lady Master Nada told you Rama that Prince was actually going to tell everybody about the planned secret alien invasion that they were going to stage. It is uncanny that he left us on the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, on the same day. She was born on April 26, 1926 and her mother was the Queen Mother and her father was Noble Drew Ali. That’s very important to know. We referred to this in a previous conversation because it brings up the fact that Noble Drew Ali literally won a mandate to bring the entire Western Hemisphere back into Sovereignty. Remember that we spoke about the fact that everybody was considered a part of a colony in the United States, except for the Founding Fathers, who were considered sovereign – non of us. Yet it’s a very significant moment when you understand or innerstand, possibly or probably, he was used as a blood sacrifice, again by Queen Elizabeth II, exactly on the Wesak Buddha’s birthday and the full moon in Scorpio, which brings in the Prime Minister of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, Grand Goddess Lily who represents the Phoenix Rising. That banner is flying in The Hague with all other 200 plus countries’ banners and that means oneness – it’s talking about every indigenous being on this planet. So as Superman’s hair just lets it all go, then this Phoenix rises and it’s really important, our job right now is to stay positive and also encircle Whitney Houston. They used her and her daughter, Robin Williams, all these people were blood sacrifices to keep the old going. They all said – Larry, Curly, Mo and Kathryn – all of them said that there is no coincidence in this story regarding all of these brothers and sisters and the incidences that were created.

Yet as well, our Brothers and Sisters from the Stars and all the energies of the Wesak Full Moon in Scorpio has moved many of us higher now, waking us all up to the Buddha’s Unconditional Divine Mercy and Compassion and Love as accountability enters the new cycle. Our purpose is to lead, to let Light and Love and Power restore the divine plan on Earth as it is in Heaven. Mitake Oyasin to all generations until now. May the Purple Rain, St Germain and the Violet Flame, may that Fire of the Phoenix Rising bring Peace and Oneness into the full focus on Earth as it is in Heaven. I pass this talking stick.

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