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This article by Pod focuses in on some of the symptoms people have been feeling and are continuing to feel as the electromagnetic energies in and around the planet increase. This piece is especially timely given we have, according to Dr Simon Atkins in response to a question we put to him, just recently entered into Phase 2 of his frequency shift ‘Wave X’ timeframe. Indeed, he further confirmed this just yesterday. Please see here for the overall timing of Phase 2 and Phase 3 that culminates with the predicted energetic peak of late September / early October.

As such, those of us who are sensitive to these heightening energies can, in tandem, likely expect to experience an intensification of some of the symptoms that Pod lays out here. Her article will I hope serve as a reference going forward and also provide a space for people to share and discuss their experiences in the days and weeks ahead.

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By Pod,’s contributing writer

“You said earlier you’re here to observe the Big Event, can you tell me what it is?”

“Sure, the core crystal of your planet is moving into alignment with a very distant object. It’s an alignment at an intergalactic level,” the little guy said, flatly.

“What’s the object the core crystal is aligning with?” I asked, curious.
“The Big Guy, head honcho, mister big, the main man, center of the universe, the beginning, the grandfather of all grandfathers, get it?” he replied.  
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Bruce Moen, The Gathering
It’s clear that something wonderful is happening on Planet Earth and that it is having a profound affect on people. Some more so than others. This article is simply an attempt to alleviate the anxieties that symptoms can create and to allow people a space to share their own experiences and solutions. You are not alone.

To illustrate this, I’d like to share with you here examples of some of the symptoms and experiences that you and others may have been experiencing…

  • Has your life fallen apart or changed drastically since 2012? Have you experienced great loss and a change of direction? It seems that those souls who were perhaps off course have had their lives changed to bring them back on course for the shift. If that change has perhaps created great grief and fear then be assured that this has been for your greater good in helping you to clear your emotional body so that you can hold more of the higher frequencies and bring to a conclusion your soul lessons in power.
  • Perhaps you have experienced changes in diet. Have you found that your body is more insistent on deciding what you can eat and drink and what you cannot tolerate? Do you have a sense that whereas you used to eat primarily for enjoyment, now you definitely need to eat for nourishment. The neurotransmitters in the body and brain will work much more effectively if they are cleansed and detoxed. Food grade Zeolite and Diatomaceous Earth are low cost, effective methods of helping with this process.
  • Have you been experiencing spots and rashes, aches and pains? Sometimes the locations of these can be really telling. A spot on the end of your nose is probably a root chakra issue. Aching legs and feet when grounding deep into the Earth can be alleviated by foot massage. I use oiled, black basalt stones from the river to massage sore spots around
    • my heels. Knee problems likely signify an ego issue – the left one, grief and the right one, anger. There is a chakra behind the knees that only activates when you kneel in surrender. As the frequencies increase the body will clear any and which way it can. I sometimes get pressure on the side of my head and a few weeks ago I felt as if somone had buried an axe in the top of my head.
    • Do you need more sleep? Is your sleep deep and dreamless? If it was an Olympic sport, would you get a medal? Are you often very tired even though you may not have done much to cause it? Dr Simon Atkins has, in interviews, encouraged people to ensure they’re getting more sleep during this time so overall health, nervous system and immune systems are better equipped to cope not only with the heightening energies but also in interactions with others.
    • Life Is Happening to Me……. do you experience days where you feel very lethargic and it seems that you are mentally ‘offline’?  Your body perhaps feels like a dwarf and everything moves slowly and takes effort. This is the energy of the human operating system (O.S.) and your consciousness will have dropped in vibration to clear unconscious energy. At such times, it is very important to ground in Earth/Heart energy. Your energy field resonates at a low frequency so as to release programmes and emotions that are no longer relevant to the person you are becoming. I sense that people who do not clear these programmes will have them activated by the rising frequencies and so we will likely see increasing craziness. Therefore, don’t fight this process…it is beyond your conscious control and the only way out is through.
    • I Am Life Happening……. then of course, there is the result of the clearing when you are blessed to be in your soul  O.S. Life is just marvellous, you can observe events without polarised emotional reactions and time has ceased to exist as a 3D concept. It is almost impossible to think of the past. This is a great experience and makes all that you’ve experience worthwhile. The likelihood is  that you will drop back down again, but you should know that you have not done anything wrong. It is simply that lower vibrations will pull you down again so that they can be released. This does not mean you have a bi-polar disorder.
    • It’s time to talk about time. How are you experiencing time? Do you have days when time does not exist? When you live in a bubble of now where there is no past or future? This is the soul O.S. This is when you have won the lottery because as time ceases to exist so does all fear of, for example, not having enough money in the future…Read More
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