Super Bowl Satanic Ritual & Human Trafficking Event: We Have Work to Do

I feel that is right and it happened a lot in the last few days. Isis. If you join the satanic ritual, do not complain after that …

I felt guided to share this email update from Deb Pietsch from Shift is Happening in lieu of the “Gray State… Patriots rise up” thing goin’ on.

Lightworkers, take it for what you will. If you feel drawn to participate, it’s your choice. Before you do that, however, you may want to click on the link to the article on the very bottom.  ~ BP


Hello Beautiful Creator Being of Light!
Note From Deb
In the most recent newsletter I shared that we would be sharing a new campaign around the Super Bowl — here it is!

What I’m about to share is something I never thought – in all my years of “awakening” – I’d be talking about, never mind engaging with… but because of the work we’ve been doing behind the scenes with our Beings of Light Team, we and our team, have come to conclusion through awareness (that wasn’t possible until recently) that this is an incredibly important subject to understand, be aware of AND for us to UNIFY to neutralize.  PLEASE don’t turn away from this subject… please trust me and us on this one… it’s going in directions you may not think… and please don’t fall into the misnomer of “if I focus on this, it gives it energy”… we cover this in the interview (link below).

You’re invited to please Join us, Sunday, February 1st,

for the first Live iTV Broadcast as a “Counter Protocol of Light Event” during the Super Bowl Half Time Show Satanic Ritual Ceremony.  As we proactively stand powerfully in our I AM Presence to Neutralize the sinister intent, of the public show, which is a clear abrogation of Free Will… just for starters!

We did our first interview (link below) about this event, the upcoming Live iTV broadcast and the guidance behind it, with our dear friend, Chris Hales. We covered A LOT of ground in the 44 minute conversation … please check it out…. and yes… we’re back and staying engaged with you!! 

Deb & Scott Interviewed by Chris Hales:

ACTION PLAN NEUTRALIZE-Super Bowl Satanic Ritual Sinister Intent

Along with our Company of Heaven Beings of Light Team and YOU, the Outer Surface team, We WILL Make a Difference!!!
Link challenges? Copy & paste to your browser and…It’s also viewable on our Shift Is Happening TV You Tube Channel
On the lighter side… I’ve just landed in L.A. where I get to play, create, see dear friends & live for the next couple of weeks… that’s the best part of returning “home” to a city (Santa Monica, CA) that I love… the worst part – Scott’s back in OZ, which is why this is a quick 2 week turn-around!  I will also share, that I look forward to the day that the reality I create includes not being dictated by Immigration & Visa rules, such as you can only be in a country for 3 months legally to abide by a Visa… and if you’re legally married to a citizen of another country it costs… hmmm well… into the 10k figure to become a “legal” citizen… just sharing that as part of the reality that I’m looking forward to experiencing some day soon!  Any else up for that as part of your reality?!!
“With so many aspects of life being revealed as part of the “Deception Matrix”, may you find peace in your soul, love in your heart and the fortitude to share the truth of who you are with the world!” from Deb 

So Much Love & Appreciation!



P.S. This was JUST sent to me from a friend/client as I was getting ready to send this out to you.  It includes a NYTimes article from TODAY – January 23rd! And more…


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