Sungate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun are opened

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The energies streaming in from the now totally opened Sungate to Sirius and the 7th Central Sun, are truly potent.

The New Golden Age has now truly begun, and with it we are now stepping into a momentous occasion as the 72000 year Epoch is now taking on form in the 5th to 7th dimensional state.

We are entering the first tier of the 72 000 year Epoch, which is the PREPARATION OF THE GOLDEN ONES. Thus the new human race is born, plus then also the higher intelligence, as the higher capacity of the human mind is reactivated, which has lain dormant since the fall of Atlantis.

The Fires of Illumination, work with the Higher Heart-Mind, and therefore then with that which is balanced within. The Keys and Codes of the highest Enlightement lie within the SOUL. As the soul is ready to step into the next octave of initiations, and passes them, the keys and codes are awakened.
Allow the downloads to happen.

2018 will be an intense year, with immense changes coming in, and more than this a time where the humanity will find itself at the cross-roads in many areas – indeed we will be challenged to find higher solutions, and a much higher frequency way of life.

Yet, for those who are ready, this will be a year in which true love bonds will be forged in much higher ways, and where more and more ancient energy sites will be opened up, and more and more of the hidden knowledge and the higher Truth, will be revealed.

Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, returns in full splendor.

By Judith Kusel <3

<3 ~

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