Summary and Analysis of Cosmic Disclosure Episode 8: Global Galactic League of Nations | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This week Corey and David discuss the Global Galactic League of Nations, GGLN. This was a later day development as a result of activities of the previous, larger space programs, drawing the attention of nearly every nation on the planet and instilling in them a desire to ‘help save the world.’ But as Goode reveals, this program is a ploy to keep the member nations under the direction of the larger programs. He describes a visit to a GGLN colony on a moon orbiting a gas giant in the pleiades star system.

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DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode


  • DW – Corey Goode has worked for over 20 years in the secret space program, and has now been pulled back in a very interesting way, after coming forward as an insider he has been contacted by an Alliance that wants to disclose the technology in these programs, reveal the truth about what is happening and bring it all down to Earth. We’ve been talking about the factions of the space program and we’ve covered them in varying degree’s, but we haven’t covered the Global Galactic League of Nations group much yet.
  • CG – Yes. I always refer to it as the NATO group.
  • DW – Your always saying ‘NATO-ish’. To open this up a bit, we know that Joseph Stalin knew that the Roswell crash was a UFO. But then the US government said that it was a weather balloon. I did some episodes for Ancient Aliens, and part of the research I went into, was that Stalin hired people to go back through the records. They ended up digging up a rocket in Siberia that had ancient Sanskrit all over it. They couldn’t get it out of the ground without damaging it, so they reburied it. This took place during the late 1800’s. After Roswell happened Stalin supposedly dug up this rocket, and it was so advanced they couldn’t make any sense out of it. It had a chest or container inside filled with elaborate blueprints and documents, along with diagrams of space craft, space stations and how to build them [I was able to find an article discussing this story in greater detail here]. And its because of that the Soviets were able to build what are called Cosmospheres. Your nodding your head, do you know something about them?
  • CG – Yes I do, the Soviet Union used that to force there way into the secret space program.
  • DW – What is a Cosmosphere? How does it work and what does it look like?
This is not a Cosmosphere, but an image of the Russian space capsule used
to bring the ‘first man’ into space on April 12th, 1961.
  • CG – They are metallic spheres that Cosmonauts were flying around with in outer space. The US was tracking this and they were very concerned. It caused us and them to open up more of a dialog. [I was able to find an interesting article describing the Cosmospheres. I do not know if it is accurate, but it does seem to generally match what CG is describing. Here is an excerpt:

“The first-generation Cosmospheres were weapons platforms that were ELECTRO-GRAVITIC (could hover against gravity), ATOMIC POWERED, horizontally positioned by rocket thrusters, somehow invisible to radar beyond about 40 miles (perhaps from a radar-absorbing coating), armed with CHARGED-PARTICLE BEAM weapons (at least a hundred times less powerful than those in the Moon bases), equipped with “PSYCHO-ENERGETIC RANGE FINDING” (PRF) which tunes in to the actual ATOMIC SIGNATURE of a target or object and can NOT be jammed, and some of them were also armed with microwave BRAIN-SCRAMBLING equipment.” …

“The 3rd-generation Russian JUMBO COSMOSPHERES were first deployed in April 1981, in parallel with the first U.S. Space Shuttle mission. They significantly interfered with that MILITARY mission, in ways which were successfully covered up by NASA using techniques similar to those shown in the movie “Capricorn I”, (5-7-81, 5-14-81, and 5-21-81 WR).”

Jumbo Cosmospheres are much larger than the 1st- generation models, and use ELECTROMAGNETIC PROPULSION instead of rocket thrusters to move around.” …

“Russia’s offer to share their “Star Wars” defense system with the rest of the world might also extend to SCIENTIFIC SPACE EXPLORATION.” …

“A Russian Jumbo Cosmosphere could complete a MANNED version of such a mission in a matter of MONTHS, if they have not already done so, since these Cosmospheres can accelerate continuously.” – Russian Cosmosphere

  • DW – How large were the Cosmospheres, how many crewman could fit in them?
  • CG – They had many sizes. Some were for 1 to 3 crewman and others were even larger.
  • DW – We’re going to watch a video clip now. To some of you this maybe a bit disturbing. During the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster there was a UFO captured by an amateur videographer. [I was able to find the video, the UFO enters the shot at time index 4:10.


  • DW – Corey, I am not sure if you are familiar with this, but Lt Col Tom Bearden, now retired, claimed that the sphere like object captured in the video was a Russian craft. And that this craft attacked Challenger during take off as part of a secret cold war effort to strike at the US with advanced technology. Did you ever hear of that incident?
  • CG – We were already working together with the Russians far before that happened. The Cold War was pretty much a gimmick.
  • DW – Like a fund raiser?
  • CG – You could call it that. The people on the ground, the lower level people were very much into the idea [as in the exoteric cover story of the U.S. and Soviets ‘battling’ for supremacy was something many people accepted into their world views]. But when it came down to it [as in behind the scenes] the Russians and the US were very much allies.
  • DW – Apparently it was only recently de-classified – I know this because someone left a comment about that on my website, after I wrote about the Manhattan Project – that the US was never able to enrich enough Uranium to build an Atomic Bomb. And they got the rest from Nazi Germany. Now this kind of stuff makes people go crazy, because we’ve grown up around the idea we fought the Nazi’s in World War 2. I mean women were making bombs, and the whole world was captivated with fear of Hitler and his third reich. And your saying that all this stuff is big elaborate circus?
  • CG – One of these days when there’s a data dump of the true history of what has happened in our world occurs, people are going to be dumbfounded. And angry.
  • DW – Is this why the Soviets had the A-bomb almost immediately after the Soviets developed it, even though the US had allegedly had a classified project? They traded the secrets with each other behind the scenes?
  • CG – All this is very low level stuff happening on the ground. When it came down to it, they were already working together in space because of different perceived ET threats. They were working together to protect the Earth, despite it being a bit silly that we could have gone up against an advanced ET force. They were forming an alliance well before the Cold War to protect the Earth.
  • DW – Do you think this was the basis of Ronald Reagan’s infamous speech about an alien threat unifying the world?
  • CG – I guess it could have been. But far before that we were already allies with a lot of the people we were supposedly enemies with.
  • DW – Lets take a look at that Ronald Reagan clip:

[Dr. Michael Salla and Corey Goode recently had a Q and A session that we offered commentary on found here: Analysis of Q and A with Michael Salla And Corey Goode August 4th | REAGAN SPEECH ABOUT ALIEN THREAT LINKED TO SECRET UN INTERSTELLAR SPACE FLEET.]

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