St. Germaine – 10/26/2014

saint-germain11St. Germaine:

This is St. Germaine and I come at quite an auspicious time, a time that has been a long time awaited by many of you. Yes, you have heard over and over, “Now is the time.” “It is going to happen today.” And so on and so on. But at some point you are going to realize that it is really going to start. When it starts it will begin somewhat calmly and then gain momentum more and more and more. And certainly when that begins, it will begin with the financial changesthat have been spoken of many times. And that, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, is right around the corner.

Know that I, St. Germaine, am involved with this financial changeover and have been for some time now. You could say that it is “my baby” in a sense. I have been involved with this and working with this for a very long time. And many who have been working with me have been putting all of their efforts into this. It is not some small little thing that is about to happen. It is a major change, a major shift. When it happens there will be no question about what is going on because all of those things that you know today are going to change. Certainly not all at once or overnight but as the times move along or as it has been said many times, the frequency increases, there will be change after change after change.

You are awaiting the financial change and when it comes it will be the first domino to fall. And fall it shall. We are not going to give dates for those days are long past. But look at the frequencies, as you feel what is happening, you can feel the vibrations increasing and you know at some point the tipping point must be reached. It is at that point now! So, you will begin to see these various things, what you have heard as the re-valuation and global currency re-set, all of these are coming. Of course, NESARA and the world expression of GESARA is also coming soon.

So be patient just a little while longer, my brothers and sisters. It is here and it is going to “rock your world”.

That is all I have for this time. Go in peace and love. Continue on in your journey and be mindful at all times that it is a journey. It is not the destination that you are after but the journey that you are on.

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