St. Germain- How to heal using the luminous presence of the Ascended Masters:

How to heal using the luminous presence of the Ascended Masters:

Visualizing the “Luminous Presence” of Jesus or any other one of the ascended masters is the most powerful way of creating a focus, through which the ascended master consciousness acts in the physical experience of the individual, of nations, of mankind and of the earth itself.

There is no person, place, condition or thing that can resist the Mighty Ascended Master Power that can be focused through this activity and if every student will train himself to use it in any and every activity – waking and sleeping – his own experience will be all the proof he can desire of the truth of which we speak, for it is the operation of an inflexible law, that has not been explained for use in the outer world.

The likeness of Jesus, or that of any ascended master, should be pictured clearly in the mind, the body made of intense dazzling white substance and sending out long rays of light that flash continually, quivering with the intensity of the light held focused within and pouring through them into the person, place, condition or thing to be perfected.

In beginning to visualize the figure of any ascended master, ask your “Mighty I AM Presence” to show you the picture, clear and definite and to hold it in your consciousness and before your vision, that your concentration may be uninterrupted and powerful, fot the instantaneous response to this is what we want you to have.

The color of the rays of light poured out can be changed according to the special activity required. The body always remains dazzling white, but the color of the rays of light poured forth is determined by the need of either the patient or condition to be assisted.

When the activity of divine love, peace, quiet, comfort, or the ideas from the pure Christ mind are required, the rays of light pouring forth should be the color of molten gold, like sunshine on burnished gold, continually sparkling, if much energy is to be used; but very soft and opaque, of a soothing quality is needed. In the healing of children, the soft opaque golden color is the thing most frequently required and the sparkling activity is only used if the energy is low.

If the activity of pouring out divine compassion is required, the rays of light should be a delicate beautiful pink blending with the gold, the pink being the shade often seen in mother of pearl or the soft afterglow of a beautiful clear sunset.

Whenever the purifying activity is required, whether it be the substance of the body, discord in the feeling or wrong thoughts in the mind, which are patterns made of substance in the mental body, the rays of light, pouring their energy into the body or condition, should be an intense gloriously beautiful shade of violet, like that seen in the spectrum, the rainbow, the refraction of a pure white diamond or the lovely color in violet neon signs. The latter anyone can see in advertising sign illuminated at night.

The rays of light, pouring out from the visualized form of an ascended master or healing or perfecting purposes, are a most powerful activity for they are substance energized and charged with the ascended master consciousness, which supplies whatever is required to make their activity instantaneous and most powerful as well as self-sustained.

When an increase of energy is required in the healing of a specific condition, the rays of light pouring out may be colored a very pale delicate shade of blue, like that of an electric spark, but know always when using this activity that the entire activity and the energy released is forever qualified with pure divine love and controlled always by the wisdom of the ascended masters.

Remember always, that the calling forth of energy just to heal a body without bringing illumination to the mind will always bring punishment to the one who draws it forth and the power to bring it into outer activity will eventually cease. This is the reason why many, who have done healing in the outer world, have had the power of healing through various activities for a while and then, the ability to heal ceases and the individual himself passes out of the body. It is because the healing was done for a livelihood instead of for the purpose of illumining the individuals, through the experience which had made the healing necessary.

The Voice of the I AM, April, 1936



St. Germaine went on to describe the method of Devine transformation:

“By design of nature, our bodies are highly adaptable. Forces of high thinking and frequencies can accelerate this with our intent and voicing the following, clearing our karma, personality defects and negative thought forms and energies:”

“I ask The Devine Cosmic Powers of the Sacred Fires from the Great Central Sun to fill me with unconditional Love and consume all limitations within my world and every mistake I have ever done and clear my soul and bodies (as we have several), with the Mighty Cosmic Violet Flame”

“I also call upon the Mighty Cosmic Violet Flame to consume all my discordant creations and the discordant creations of others around me. Blaze the Cosmic Violet Flame into every aspect of nature that I have harmed in any way, space, time, level, kingdom, realm or dimension in the past, present, future, in-between and in parallel lives. I ask for the healing of all nature.”

“Mighty I am presence, charge my mind and bodies with Your Mighty Energy, Strength, Courage, Devine Victory and Opulence. Charge every aspect of my being and world with your perfection. Bring this body into your Perfect Symmetry. Charge me with the power of the Cosmic Devine Love so I may safely and firmly move forward into the use of the greater Powers without interruption.”

“Fill me with Your Invincible Solution to every problem in my life. I ask for Sacred Fire Control of myself and everything in my life. I command the Devine Plan fulfilled in my world”

“Fill me with the Ascended Master Consciousness and lead me to my ascension now’”

“Mighty I Am Presence, be with me this day, walk the earth with me and see that I fulfill my Devine Plan. Hold me in your heart and make me all that you are. I Am the heart and the mind of the Mighty I AM.”

“I call forth the Sword of Blue Flame that keeps me cut free forever from all that I have ever sent out in this and all embodiments”

“I call forth the Triple Archangel Shield to totally surround me and every aspect of my life. I ask for the Archangels Blessing in every aspect of my life.”

“I call forth the Triple Arcturian Shield to completely surround and protect me, my family, and benevolent humans, lifeforms, places, buildings, benevolent technology and businesses and every aspect of our lives in alignment with the Devine Plan.”

“I call forth the most benevolent outcome for all constructive lifeforms and call forth the Violet Flame to completely saturate the Earth.”

“Beloved Mighty I Am Presence and other Benevolent Beings of light, completely surround and protect me, my loved ones, my home, business, car and/or bicycle and everything in my life, with a wall of Blue Flame and the Cosmic Blue Lightning both within my Tube of Light and outside it, so that I cannot be seen, heard, felt or smelt by anything in the dark in any of its forms in any way, space, time, level, kingdom, realm or dimension in the past, present, future, in-between and in parallel lives, as a human being or in other incarnations. I call forth this protection so I can thrive in Devine Light and Love. Blaze a Ring Pass Not of Blue Flame around me for greater protection.”

“I call forth the Mighty Elohim, fill me and the brain of all humans and animals with the 7 Fold Flame of Cosmic Illumination, seal us in the Star of Gold and Devine Victory, Clothe us in a Mantle of the Sacred Flames and the Crown of the Seven Elohim, fan the Threefold Flame within my heart so that I stand within it.”

“I call forth the Angels of the Sacred Flames to walk with me this day and bring as much Light and Love as possible into my life and all of nature. Bless and heal all the Powers of Nature and the Beings of the Elements”

“I call forth all the Blessings that my I Am Presence wishes to give me and I ask for the blessings of the Cosmic Beings of Devine Light and Love. For all of this, I send forth the deepest gratitude.”

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