Special Message From Archangel Michael – Love Has The Reigns, Love is IN CHARGE! – 9-23-17

September 24, 2017


Greetings Dear Ones, I come to assist the human collective consciousness in bringing forth information of the current energy at play for Our Beloved Mother Earth. Many of you are experiencing an assortment of energies since the equinox, gateway portals, eclipses and new moon. The energies are very intense. They have and continue to affect the collective a great deal, with those whom embraced the Heart experiencing Great Bliss, Joy, Love… and those hanging on to the mind, having severe De-Ascension Symptoms. Let us discuss further on these energies and share some tool and techniques to assist in processing and integrating Heaven on Earth Energies. As always Dear Ones, Awareness Transforms into Consciousness.

The energies pouring forth on the planet command All Atoms to Be in Right Action. As per Universal Law, Divine Decreed by Prime Creator, Mother of All Creation, Mother Earth, LOVE Is IN Charge! These fiery energies are bringing forth the Child like essence for those whom have chosen the Heart, sparking Creativity, Manifestation, Joy, Bliss, Laughter and Child like Wonder. Those still holding on to the programmed ego mind, are experiencing Primal Instinct behavior, Survival behavior, Anger, Rage, Reactive behavior, and severe De-Ascension symptoms daily. The mind simply cannot process these energies, as it was never meant to. If you are experiencing these symptoms such as:

Extreme fatigue,

Excessive sleeping,

Physical aches & pain,




Digestion issues,

Stomach pain,

Energy blockages,

Heart palpitations,

Heart Pains,

Flu like Symptoms,

Sore Throat,

Voice Loss,

Chakra blockages,

Excessive Dehydration,

Skin rashes,


Loss of memory,

Loss of motor skills

and many more. Symptoms come and go… However, those experiencing these symptoms throughout most of the day, on a constant basis, these are your indicators that you are in the mind. These are signs of Resistance, Not Integration. Your minds will try to convince you otherwise, thinking your resonating with the energies. However, this journey has always been about Feeling. If you are not Feeling Joy, Happiness, Bliss, Laughter, Child Like, and Unconditional Love in these Now Moments… Check yourselves Dear Ones.

This process is a transformation of the programmed ego mind, the full embracement of the Heart and the complete and unequivocal Trust of Love. We wish to assist those having difficulty with these energies. We will provide tools and techniques to assist in transforming and integrating energies. NOW, the key things to these tools and techniques is consistency and dedication. If you are consistent and dedicated, you Will FEEL the Changes. That is what this journey is all about… FEELING… Not Thinking.

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The Tree Meditation

We feel this is one of the most powerful mediations on the planet. Trees are actually Angels in disguise. They have a direct connection to Source Energy. Hence, why many have heard or experienced being in Nature as soothing, tranquil and healing. The Trees can assist with the following;




Healing the physical & etheric body,

Healing chakras,

Transforming energies,

Transforming the programmed ego mind

You can sit, lay or hug Trees to tap into their energies. If you live near Trees, you can tap into their energies from within your home. Then, breathe in deeply through your nose All the energies of Love, and exhale through your mouth All the energies that doesn’t resonate with your Soul… with LOVE. You can continue this process for 20-30 minutes daily or however long wish, depending how much you are releasing and healing. This process will vary for everyone. You may also use the Sacred Flames in conjunction with the Tree Meditation

violet_fire_decreeThe Violet Flame

This is Saint Germain’s Flame. This Flame assists in transforming lower dense energies, the programmed ego mind, or anything you are feeling in those moments. You do not have to be aware of what you are transforming. You may state out loud to transform All that does not resonate with Love to be transformed into the Light. To activate the Violet Flame, call on Saint Germain simply with Love and Gratitude. Then, you visualize the Flame going within your Heart, then engulfing your Entire Being.

rp_Crystal-Chalice.jpgThe Emerald Flame

This is Archangel Raphael’s Flame. This Flame assists in healing the physical body of any ailments, afflictions or diseases. In addition, the Emerald Flame can heal your etheric body, chakras and any Heart Break energies. Those holding on to any Heart Break energies, we recommend going through the 7 Stages of Grief to assist in transforming these energies)


to completely transform these energies. You do not have to be aware of what you are transforming. To activate the Emerald Flame, call on Archangel Raphael simply with Love and Gratitude. Then, you visualize the Flame going within your Heart, then engulfing your Entire Being.

angelAngels! Bring It ON!

We enjoy calling this, The Bring IT ON technique. This is a very powerful technique. You simply call in your angels and state out loud: “Angels! I AM ready for 5D and Beyond! Bring IT ON!” In Doing this, Your Angels will be bring up any energies that does not resonate with LOVE. We highly recommend this one on a daily basis….

Archangel Michael

Cutting energetic chords should be a daily natural practice… like drinking water. Any moment you have a thought which does not bring you joy, this is a lie… an illusion. It’s not real. You visualize your sword to cut those thoughts. The same goes when someone tries to take your energy, use your sword to cut those energy cords. Then, pull all your energies back into the Present Moment of Now, where your energy can be utilized for your Highest Good and others. Only thoughts which bring us peace, happiness, joy, love… are real thoughts, which come from our angels, guides and Higher Self

Keep in your Hearts Dear Ones, these tools and techniques are food for the Soul. Now… what could possibly deprive you from feeding your Soul? This would be the mind… the ego. When you have emotions or thoughts of Procrastination, Laziness or out right not wanting to do your spiritual work, this is the mind… the ego taking you out. Those are the moments that One must step up as the Gods and Goddesses that you Truly are, and fulfill your spiritual work… fulfill your Mission.

Dear Ones, you have choice. You can choose to make this journey as an adventure, fulling embracing the Heart, with joy and love… or you can make it arduous, by staying in the mind. We, your angelic brothers and sisters, as well as your Star Family are Here with you. Call on us when you wish, and we will assist you. All those who have fully embraced the Heart are experiencing absolute Joy and Bliss most or All of their Moment. That is the focus of these Heaven Energies. We, your family in the Angelic Realm and your Star Families, applaud and bow All Those whom have chosen the Heart… to Be of Service to Our Beloved Mother Earth, whom have embraced the Holy Spirit, and transformed the dense energies within them… to BE Fully Immersed in the Light, the Child Like Essence, the Love that You Truly Are… Love is your Natural State.

As you continue to embrace these Heaven Energies, and be immersed in Unity Consciousness, more will be revealed about your mission as well as your gifts, especially those of Manifestation. Keep Following your Hearts, Support those whom support Unity Consciousness and be aware of those wonderful synchronicities. The moments are near for the Great Rapture… and only those whom have chosen the Heart, can step forward, as this planet belongs to The Children of The Heart… The Divine Love Mirrors of Our Beloved Mother & Father of All Creation. Your are the True Champions of the Light. Love has the Reigns and is In Charge… and of course… LOVE HAS WON!

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM amongst You… Always of Service to The Universe, to Creation, to LOVE, to Our Mother & Father of All Creation. Love Fearlessly, and Always Unconditionally…

Your Loving Brother,

Archangel Michael

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