Some Apocalypse about “The Drones Program”, from VT and The Intercept…

drone_1I’m just posting links here, but I found the firstarticle from VT quite unveiling, and it referenced the second article about recently uncovered “Drone Papers“.


‘They don’t care who gets killed’: Ex-drone pilot turned whistleblower

“Guilt-ridden American drone pilots continue to quit in unprecedented numbers. One former secret mission operator, Brandon Bryant, who’s received a whistleblower award, spoke to RT of the horrors of indiscriminate killing from a safe distance.

“The people that are giving the order to kill – they don’t care who gets killed as long as their target gets attacked… they’ll take out however many people they can in order to get their results,” Bryant says.

“One shocking fact to emerge was that a staggering 90 percent of all drone killings are not planned. Also if no evidence is found, the dead are labelled ‘enemy killed in action.’”

The Drone Papers (The Intercept)

“The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military’s assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama’s drone wars.”

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