Solstice Energies from Earth-Keeper James Tyberonn

New moon, summer solstice, CMEs, Father’s Day… energetically a dynamic time for us with many predictions about what we can expect over the next few months.

James Tyberonn from gives us an update.  ~ BP

Mega SOLSTICE : On June 18th, the sun produced its biggest flare since the March Equinox. The Solar M3-class explosion caused a radio blackout over North America and hurled a CME into space. The Coronal Mass Ejection will bath the planet with intense energy & Akash on the Solstice, June 21st , possibly sparking solstice auroras. Isn’t it amazing how the CME’s seem to be ‘coinciding’ with equinoxes, solstices and eclipses the past 3 years! The energy of June 21st & 22nd will be truly incredible, a Mega Solstice !

Life Force Will Envelop the Planet ! Meditate – CoCreate !!!!

Sacred Solstice Energy

The Ancients Believed the Sun ‘Stopped’ for Three Days During the Annual Solstices. It was considered a time of magic, in which the dimensional veils were thinned & Humans Were Touched by ‘Godly Divine ‘ Forces & Energy’. It Was (And Is) A Day for Honoring the Sun, Earth and Heavens, a Day for Inner Focus, Meditation & Creative Prayer. Many religions still have the Solstices as Holy Days for prayer. Tomorrows solstice is embellished by an amplification of Solar Radiations, of Life Force & Crystal Codes. Take time to meditate and focus on highest good. It is a special time. 3 days, to offer blessings and manifest the better earth in Year Three of the New Planet Earth Within the Amazing Crystalline Shift !

Meditation Key, Practice and Routine For Beginners

2015 June Mega Solstice – Exact Global Timings:
USA Hawaii – 06:39 AM Sunday
USA Alaska 08:39 AM Sunday
USA Pacific & British Colombia Canada 09:39 AM Sunday
USA Mountain & Alberta Canada 10:39 AM Sunday
USA Central 11:39 AM Sunday
Mexico City & Winnipeg – 11: 39 AM Sunday
USA Eastern, Toronto & Montreal 12:39 AM Sunday
Brazil & Argentina 13:39 PM Sunday
UT England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales 17:39 PM Sunday
Western Europe Amsterdam, Paris Oslo 18:39 PM Sunday
Central Europe Geneva, 18:39 PM Sunday
South Africa Jo’berg 18:39 PM Sunday
Bucharest, Athens, Moscow 19:39 PM Sunday
Israel & Turkey 19:39 PM Sunday
Perth, Australia 12:39 AM ( Monday June 22)
Beijing China 12:39 AM ( Monday June 22
Tokyo Japan 01:39 AM (Monday June 22)
Sydney & Melbourne Oz 02:39 AM ( Monday June 22)
Auckland New Zealand 04:39 ( Monday June 22)

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What a hoot it would be to do yoga en masse like this; 300 sweaty bodies in Times Square under the New York sun!

More Ideas… Summer Solstice Yoga Practice

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