Solar Eclipses and the Moon effects

Sangeeta Handa

Digital_Universe_5Animation of lunar umbra passing on the surface of the Earth seen from Japanese satellite Himawari-8.

In explanation of what would happen physically and metaphysically during the Total Solar Eclipse Lord Metatron had this to say in advance:

“During Solar Eclipses the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun, a conjunction of the Sun and the Moon. During this brief time the Moon can “block out” the Sun, not only temporarily turning off the lights, if you will, but actually pausing for an infinite moment, the passage of linear time in the dimensional fabric of space. In this paused window, a gate opens to the infinitely of timeless non-space. This window allows for the opportunity to recognize your mortality, the finite aspect of your personality in time as a human being on the earthplane. And you will perhaps be stimulated, eclipsically bolted from the mesmerizing dross by this intensity to concentrate on what you wish to accomplish with the remaining time & creative opportunities in front of you.

“The solar eclipse in Pisces occurs in the energy of the Super ‘New Moon’ of March 8th and the eclipse will achieve ‘Total Eclipse’ at 1:58 a.m. UT on 9th March, and at 8:58 pm on March 8th on the eastern coast of America. This has far reaching effects, and will provide the energy burst of flooding the planet with ‘life force’ energy units in peak during the 4+ minutes of totality. Among the primary themes of the energy initiated on the solar eclipse is Emotional Wisdom. Gaining mastery of self in order to forge a greater Truth ! In this eclipsical energy you will be giving the opportunity of removing illusion, the removal of smoke & mirrors, the requisite of finding truth whether hidden by others or self. And let us be clear, finding truth is essential, and the ability to do so involves both the elimination of obstacles and the embracing of opportunity.

“The Jupiter Opposition initiating on the day of the solar eclipse, March 8th, will percolate every emotion. You must stabilize the emotional field, because otherwise the aura will fracture in the emotional extremes of the unmanaged reaction. Otherwise each phase of concentrated energy shift, taking place each year with eclipses, meteor showers, super moons, retrogrades, solstices, equinoxes and eclipses will toss you around like loose cannons on a wild sea of energy waves.”

And what really happened in physical time experience was: The Energies that entered from the Portal Opening during the entire Eclipse period were so powerful that it made one lie down the entire day or night in allowing the body to integrate and ingest the higher codings. It was no option, the body made sure you were still and mind preoccupied elsewhere, anywhere postive or neutral. so it would not interfere with the ongoings of the DNA, the cells, the chakras, the organs, the systems. It seemed as if the body was thirsty, bordering greedily thirsty, to receive its supply. Such a profound experience of rising in resonance! And what Metatron had said abt the Jupiter Opposition all day of the eclipse, in prior, that which wld cause an emotional over-ride was so true, in my personal experience as it did occur and I had to belt my mind and energize my emotional body to use the Violet Fire tool to blast out the negativity and purify myself. My aura was affected and I cld feel the tear as it was occurring and had to muster deep core strength to immediately act to repair the tear. Then I had forgotten the wordsa of warning by Metatron but my own power helped along with the Spiritual Guides and Light to not just control and change track but also to affect change in where I was going awry. Thank you Light and all who helped in this! All this happened within hours of the horizon of the eclipse. Its amazing how the Light knows and warns us in advance but we tend to read the words in slumber and only hindsight and retrospection hit home as a bolt of lightening! Thank God at least it hits home smile emoticon…

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