Singing in the Great Pyramid at Lions Gate 2015 8 8 8 8

Sangeeta Handa  by  Sangeeta Handa

Check out that Light Beam !!!! Just before I entered the inside of the Great Pyramid on 888 and it was 8:00 Am.
I didn’t see this pic till now. It has shocked me!!!! Huge implications!!!! Light in physical evidence!!!!! PLEASE SHARE THIS PICTURE AS LIVING PROOF OF EVIDENCE OF 8888AND :08 AM/PM

VERY VERY HAUNTING!!!! WHAT IM ABOUT TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL! dear Tribe of the Light, this is a serious share: The Sounds of Sirius, the vocal renditions rendered in pure sacredness of 8888 inside the Great Pyramid of Giza between 8:30 am to 10:30 am on 8th Aug, 2015 when I was inside the Kings Chamber and three more ladies came in….i didnt know who they were at that time but we all began to sing our own chords and together this is what it sounded inside the Pyramid that came alive suddenly with the SOUNDS OF SIRIUS! Very melancholic and nostalgic. Please listen in and share in the ABSOLUTE ENERGY OF 8888 AS IT WAS CREATED BY 4 WOMEN – 2 local Egyptian, one Aussie, and me the Indian. Meaghan MorningStar, is one of them. So angelic and A VERY beautiful soul, am blessed to have met her. And thanks to her we have this recording! She recorded our rendition inside. Wow!!! The other lady who gave her voice was an Egyptian priestess – Shahrzad Awyan. And there was one more young beautiful Egypt girl.


This is what I have been waiting to share with you! Stunning! Mesmerizing! Unparalleled and now recorded in the earth and sirius records forever! Meaghan, you have done a big thing by recording this sacred music of the royal celestial 8888!
There are two recordings, one is posted direct and the other in the comments section. Thank you. Shukra. Shukriya!



Highly symbolic in ancient Egypt ( Bennu), the Native American (Thunderbird), the Russian (Firebird), the ancient Chinese (Fèng Huáng), and the ancient Japanese (Hō-ō), ancient Greece (Phoenix), ancient Israel Jewish (Milcham – a faithful and immortal bird), ancient Arabia. An alchemical sign of RESURRECTION through PURIFICATION by the hot hot fire of the blazing Sun. Closely associated with Ra, the Sun. It is a symbol of Osiris! An adage: “If the phoenix is near one cannot tell a lie!”

This Phoenix rises by first creating its own furious fire into which it throws itself to burn away all of the past, that decomposes and obliterates into the ethers, alchemically transforming thereafter into a Rising Star that emerges as new. Symbolizing SELF MASTERY, ALCHEMICAL TRANSMUTE TO RESURRECTION AND ASCENSION (as the Phoenix rises from its own ashes). It appears every 500 to a 1,400 years period and during the flooding of the Nile, exactly when the Portal of the Lion’s Gate opens. And this time it was the hottest its ever been in Giza, Egypt – the hot hot fire was existent…so was the date….

First Crop Circle to appear was one day before the Lions Gate opening: Goddess ISIS. And then on the peak this appears: God Osiris.

I feel this implicates the physical presence of the Lord and Lady of Sirius in this grand Portal and Gateway period, unlike ever before. The question therein is: Why was so much importance laid on THIS Lion’s Gateway? I too was literally pushed in going there. So many crop circles appeared nearly every day of this 2 week period revealing depth of messages to us. Lions came into news, like never before. Are we reaching some threshold of fire for the phoenix to rise? Is our resurrection and ascension now finally becoming physically evidenced?
This crop circle has raised more questions in my mind than peace thru knowing, like the ones before this did.

Crop circle at Hampton Lucy, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK - 8 August - image by Lee Ingram


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