Simon Parkes Contactee with a Revealing Look at September and On: The New World Order Unveiled by The Poop

pope childOh-ho! You’re going to want to hear this one, my friends. Anyone who still thinks the Pope is a “good guy”—think again. Your false prophet arriveth!

Simon takes the words out of my mouth when he says what the hell is a Roman Catholic Pope doing telling the world what to do.

The Poop is part of the Jesuit military arm of the Illuminati. He is not “religious”—unless you’re talking satanism. Pedophilia is his specialty; a very special brand involving murder, dismemberment, decapitation and blood-drinking rituals with BABIES!

Most of the world isn’t Roman Catholic and millions don’t have a religion at all. What right does he have to tell US how we’re going to run our societies and our planet? Someone please pop a cap in his ass.

He has no authority to do this, and the New World Order/Illuminati have been able to set this up because of all the people on the planet who simply do as they’re told and don’t question.

They bow down to people with no authority to govern and it doesn’t occur to them to reject what they’re told. Talk about blind faith. It’s infuriating!

I do not consent! Get these morons out of power NOW! This is ludicrous.

Simon says The Poop is going to address the world with a massive document outlining the need for change due to our “dying planet” as a result of overpopulation.

The agenda?

He mentions they will be labeling ALL vitamins “poison” and we will no longer be able to buy them; while the elite have a brand new vitamin factory and only they and a designated few will be able to obtain them.

Our food chain will be irradiated and nutrients removed to weaken the population, making us susceptible to disease.

Earthquakes and tsunamis will be the order of the day (many invoked by you know who) and the depopulation agenda will march forward.

HERE’S A GOOD ONE: NO ONE will be able to get government benefits unless they and their children are vaccinated. He says Australia just passed such a law and are waiting to implement and enforce it.

He says this New World Order agenda will be rolled out by multiple governments but will collapse.

That’s as far as I am right now, and I wanted to post this so you could take it in.

Thanks for sharing, L.  ~ BP

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