Shocking Official Documents Confirm Aliens Living On Earth? (Video And Photos)

For people who still believe that we are alone here (now), and in the Universe.

Note: Not all of them look like in these pictures below :-) and they are highly spiritual and have only love for us here, their brothers and sisters…  aliens


(Before It’s News)

(N.Morgan)  An very intriguing report has been uncovered by TercerMilenio revealing government documents confirming the confirming the existence of extraterrestrials. There’s also this shocking FBI document from 1947 about the interdimensional beings living on Earth. Translation: The FBI website has a public document on the internet that has the folio number 6751, where it was released to the director of the government agency to Edgar Hover stating that we are being visited by giant interdimensional beings that do not come from a particular planet. See more in the stunning video below.






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