This Polar Bear Video is as Heartbreaking as it is Amazing

A stunning short video on GoPro’s YouTube channel offers a glimpse into the secret lives of a family of polar bears on a quest to find sea ice. Take a swim with a polar bear family as they traverse the Arctic Ocean in search of sea ice.

Did you know that our galaxy has a planet that is home to sentient Bear Beings?
The planet known as Tau Ceti is home to the most loving group of Bear Beings. Their philosophy for life is based upon Love and divine service. Tau Ceteans excel as navigators and pilots and have developed many types of technologically advanced ships for the Galactic Federation’s Science and Exploration (S&E) fleets.

In Sheldan’s book, YOUR GALACTIC NEIGHBORS, he describes 22 off-world civilizations. One of these is the star-nation of Tau Ceti.

Excerpt from Your Galactic Neighbors (Chapter 20, page 167) -

“Washta, my Galactic Federation of Light guide and mentor would delight in explaining to me the importance of Love and divine service. He said that, through devotion to the Creator and the divine plan, your True Self, your galactic society and your present physical essence are capable of fully expressing and graciously honoring your true life purpose.

Thus, it is possible for the you, at any one time, to determine your life’s course and to make your creative abilities, this manifested inner purpose allows you to devise imaginative solutions to any possible problem. It also frees you to use your true talents to manifest new ideas, produce beautiful art and discover great inventions. One star-nation that has honed this process to its highest degree is the Star-Nation of Tau Ceti.

During one of my lessons, Washta introduced me to several Tau Ceti engineers, assigned as liaisons to the various work groups that oversaw the Sirian mothership’s power plant and other navigational devices.

Tela, the head of this liaison group, was an engineer, trained on his home world of Tau Ceti and later on Sirius-B. He and his closeness, Jada, another group member, willingly answered my questions about Love and divine service.”

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