UFO-mothership-333Do you really want to know the truth, like about other civilizations that are here or visit us. Read Sheldan’s book – it’s true. Not everybody is ready to hear the truth, but better get used to it, because the time is short …:-)

Well, you must accept that once you read it, you will never be the same or look at life here on this planet the same way.


Sheldan Nidle (PAO) – -YOUR GALACTIC NEIGHBORS ~ Handbook for the Future

Your Galactic Neighbor’s will implode all of your previous notions about extraterrestrial Beings. It will acquaint you with the compassionate and sentient entities with whom we share this universe. Read it, and prepare yourself to become a true citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy!

This invaluable work will introduce you to some of the host of benevolent star-nations that populate this universe.

In it, you will find up-to-the-minute facts on 22 off-world civilizations that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. He describes 8 human galactic societies and 14 non-human ones, including the reptilians, dinosaurians, amphibians, cetaceans and other mammalians that inhabit them. He outlines each star-nation’s history, chronicles its path through horrendous galactic wars to peaceful co-existence, and reveals its populations heartfelt desire to introduce themselves to us on Earth.

Whether you already have a basis of knowledge about extraterrestrial Beings, or you are just becoming aware of their existence, this book will add immeasurably to what you know.

You will learn about each galactic neighbors:
▪ History
▪ Location
▪ Solar system
▪ Home worlds
▪ Galactic society
▪ Physical appearance
▪ Spacecraft

To order your copy ~ Your Galactic Neighbors

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