Preston James’ Shocking Interview!  Our Secret History is revealed at the 36:00 minute mark but listen to the entire 2 show marathon for the TRUTH that will blow your mind!

Published on Feb 18, 2015

RED ALERT – This is the BEST Preston James intervIew EVER.

Preston James of VeteransToday is one of the most interesting people you’ll ever talk to.  I’ve been lucky enough to ask him questions on the phone and on radio shows. He knows so much!  The reason he has access to so much classified information is that he used to be a psychologist and sometimes had Intel or retired military as clients that had high security clearances.  Many times these people would bare their soul to him and tell him some of the secret stuff!  Preston has done a lot of digging on his own also and he  knows all about our secret space program, bases on the Moon and Mars, and about our true history!
In this interview he goes over the shocking information he was told 20 years ago from his high level contacts about what really happened to the United States in 1867 that has created the nightmare we have today.    At the time he learned of our true history. He was told not to talk about this publicly or he’d be killed within 24 hours!
This is a real truth marathon by Preston James and Mike Harris who both write for VeteransToday!  Read everything you can in Preston’s Author Section and you’ll learn more in one day than a lifetime of Fake News on your TV!

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