Satanism to Sovereignty: Sacha Stone ‘Face to Face’

This new video matched exactly the headspace and heartspace I am in currently, and maintain on a day to day basis. I don’t pay attention to the negative, doomsday prophesies. In fact, they’re a joke. I don’t understand how people can believe some of that stuff. It’s outrageous and designed to generate fear in people with no discernment.

I only got 52 minutes in before the video stopped and wouldn’t start again on my iPad, but Sacha and Jay echo my position.

Don’t be put off by the clip of the dancer performing for dirty old Luciferian men to the accompaniment of Canada’s Alannah Myles crooning, “Black Velvet”. Sacha will explain.

Jay Parker, if you’re not familiar with him, was raised in a Satanist Illuminati family, then broke away. Several years later he used EFT to reprogram himself. He says he wants to know what “they” are up to, but he knows the shift is about to happen and his focus on the work being done to raise our vibration is most important.

I love listening to Sacha Stone because he speaks so beautifully. I must admit I was surprised to hear him say that there are an estimated 34 million Satanists in the USA alone. Jay confirmed his mother telling him roughly 10 – 12 per cent of the population are Luciferians.

BTW, my PC will be replaced and reconfigured in the next day, so if I disappear, it’s only temporary. I may have to drop in to town for WiFi to share some updates and links, nothing fancy, but it will be business as usual by Friday night if all goes well. Unfortunately it will have no bearing on our appalling Internet service, but c’est la vie. This, too, shall pass.  ~ BP

Published on 25 Jan 2015

This weeks ‘live’ Face to Face show with Sacha Stone is venturing deep into the shadow-lands investigating the art & science of absolving ritualistic evil.

For more information check out:­ha-stone-episode-3-absolving-ritualistic­-evil/

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture -What’s happening on our planet—and why

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