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Sangeeta Handa Aug 14/2015

Sangeeta HandaDear Tribe, we have all been on a long deep intense journey into our souls and thru dimensions with this unimaginable incredible royal magnificent noble LION’SGATE PORTAL OPENING / PEAKING / SHUTTING! A Gateway we have never experienced afore, ever, with such startling physical evidences as this one!

Now we have a lovely easy breather! Sigh ! Allow the bodies to rest with the new excitable integrations, transmutations, purifications.
My body temperature has risen…but that’s not a medical issue as heat is added to raise frequencies. If heat is rising continually pls take a paracetamol, and consult a GP. Notwithstanding, this is an aspect we must know in these times of body changes – intense and unparalleled. So then, rest is paramount for the transmute and purification to be completed. Now, here I don’t mean full bed rest but anything u do, u do slowly and consciously. You can go to a place you find love and beauty and just hang in there.
This period given to us is so so so very important to capacitate our physical bio shells to be ready for the war in September. Please keep listening to the SOUNDS OF SIRIUS I have posted on my page, of the recording of the ENERGY in the Great Pyramid of Giza, on 8888. That is so mesmerizing, and is helping heal my body and get it ready. The Light left me with a few aspects of Itself to share with you, physically. One is the PICTURE OF LIGHT (the photo of the Laser Beam of Light on and thru the Great Pyramid) which i have posted on my page. Second, the SOUNDS OF SIRIUS, the live recording of the VOICE OF SILENCE, inside the 8888 moment in the Great Head Quarter of Light on earth. And thirdly, A PART OF ITS PHYSICAL BODY, that I need to post once I have unpacked today. That third part is a stunner!!! Pls wait for this last part of the post of 8888 today. Look out for it, the photo and the story!

Now, returning to the main stomach of this article – I wrote earlier, above, to be ready for the war in September. War? Literally as the last two-year corridor (of eclipses and equinox) approaches and then, in-between, the release of the famous Wave-X….. We shall be thrown into a huge/unmatched dynamic Roller Coaster of Energy. We shall be churned, inside out, turned around, twisted, and thrown centrifugally and at the same time centripetally. You dont have to know what to expect, never do we need to know in advance this kind of information, but just enough to be seat-belted, armoured, and front-line ready for the storm.

The Key is to WALK INTO THE STORM, not dodge it! LOOK INTO THE EYE OF THE STORM! That’s why the seat-belt and armour. When you are kinda aware, and physically prepared, you can do this. What lies yonder, is our wonder to discover!

Isis: Listen, feel the vibrations, and the pyramids power/activation, that also activates  your physical body energies and codes.

Meaghan Morningstar (one of the singers – the high voice one) : Singing at the Lions Gate or what is called 8th August, 2015 8 am. A time when Leo the Lion rises over the Sphinx at sunrise .. We journeyed inside and sang for 2 hours almost unhindered. 4 women .. People came in and out .. some stayed to sing .. others went to complain to the guards ..but it was a very pure moment and felt like a triumph of light. Apologies for not so great sound quality.

Sangeeta was there too, by chance,  and participated in the singing. See Sangeeta Handa web site:


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