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Many of us are finding that the people we’ve related to for much of our lives, family members esp, are people with whom we have little in common! This can be confusing and unsettling. People who were once so important in our lives just seem to be drifting away. In a way, we don’t miss them; but often there isn’t anyone else replacing them in our lives yet! The Ascension process is bringing up all the old unawakened patterns we are expressing with others, patterns that continue to cause us suffering and conflict. Indeed, we are being compelled to examine the dysfunctional ways in which we have functioned in relationship in general throughout our lives. We can see that most of our unhealthy relationship patterns are ones we took on naturally growing up in a world in which people have generally been spiritually asleep and unaware of what actual love from a higher dimension might look like. They are patterns that tend to cause us disappointment, grief, anger and hurt in our relationships.

To explain further, Societal Demands cause people to act in ways that may not be in the higher good for another. Example, grown up children are expected to look after their old parents. Here is a big misunderstanding of what is appropriate and freeing and what is a societal demand. Yes, old parents need to be taken care of but, please understand this carefully, some acts of kindness can cripple a person. Yes, even at the height of old age! In fact, especially at the height of old age! Dependency is not only not good for anyone, but also not good for the person who imposes this on the other, thru Societal Demands. Allow even the old parent to evolve. In fact, that is the time when they are free to evolve! No more do they have to earn a living for all the family members, no more time constraints, no more travel, no more responsibilities! It is then they are totally free. If at that time you molly coddle them by doing everything for them, our of love (that you think is a loving response), you are crippling them! They expect you to do that, and you think that is the right way to be with them! This is old conditioning! From a Higher Truth I say this to you, it is now the Soul of the human wants the human to complete its karma, fulfill its mission, learn the lessons, reflect on himself and his journey, make amends, seek forgiveness, grow, evolve, mature, become wise! But what we do to take care of them, takes away that space granted to them by life to evolve! A Caretaker on earth is hugely respected. But that title comes with great responsibility of wisdom and knowingness. In the dictionary meaning of a Caretaker on earth, not many awakened beings fall into that category. Light Beings are not here, this time esp, to be caretakers. Please know this as a fact! They are here on a very specific mission, but had to be born in the normal way thru a family. But are not bound to any one, no family, or spouse, or sibling, in the normal way, as expected of these people.

Be daring, courageous, fearless, to take the steps required to do away with old patterning. Do not go by the societal demands of how you must be with blood family, despite the sufferings caused thru incompatibilities in frequencies arising from you, having awakened and moved out-of-the-box of what is considered “expected mode of behaviour” towards loved ones, be it parents/siblings/spouses/or and children. Do not allow your family to pull you back into behaving the expected conditioned way.

Most Light Beings have this generic challenge with blood family members. Lots of you have moved out and despite the pressure of the unknown and being alone you have maintained that space with respect to the family. You were born into such family environments as their differences with you were meant to be triggers for awakening. Very important triggers! So bless them and be in joy wherever you are, even if that place has not been filled in. It may not be, because it isnt necessary now for your onward evolution and mission.

How people look at you, think of you, whether they harshly judge you / condemn you / criticize you for sure….doesn’t matter! That is the level you must achieve by yourself! Not allowing others opinion of you to matter doesn’t imply you are insensitive or less loving. It could truly be you have come into your full power to be enabled to take such a step boldly, sensitively, and lovingly. Beyond that you cannot do more to ease others feelings. Your drama has ended, your conflicts you have ended. Now you’re free to move on and past, with no baggage, no karmic pulls. Life gets empty but strong. In this emptiness lies the WHOLENESS OF EVERYTHING! Is it a wonder we are born alone and die alone!

This, as well as love relationships between lovers, marriage, soul mates and twin souls, has been explained in depth, in my Book – YOUR FINAL APPOINTMENT WITH DESTINY, available only from my website ( Here the Masters have outlined how we shall love when in a higher frequency that shall be so freeing and liberating an experience.

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