No RV/GCR Until the Cabal has Been Neutered: Dave Schmidt [audio]

I think so, also. Think about it – are we going to give the cabal more money to mess around… come on.

I’m still listening to this, but Dave Schmidt is doing such a wonderful job of analyzing what has been going on that I recommend everyone listen if they want to understand the current events and what they mean for us and the financial situation.

He says the world is allowing the cabal to put the noose around their own necks and bring an end to the games. He confirms what Cobra has said, that there will be no RV or Global Currency Reset until the cabal has been neutered.

Like I said earlier today, everything is falling into place precisely as it needs to. The end is near. And the beginning, too. Rebuilding will come after the collapse, and it’s coming!

Dave is also echoing exactly what Cobra and the ‘Prepare for Change’ group and Drake have told us to do to prepare: have extra food on hand, water, generator, candles, firewood, propane, or whatever you will need for a week or so if we lose electricity, keep cash out of the banks where possible, have your meds and pet supplies on hand, and necessities like toiletries and some small bills to purchase what you need when the banks close—and fill up that gas tank—it’s so much cheaper now!

They don’t expect this to be a protracted period of interruptions—but it’s only sensible to be prepared, and to be in a position to help others who are not aware of what is happening.

He reminds us that Freedom is the elimination of the energetic attachment to money.

Are you excited yet? I am. Peace out.  ~ BP



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