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money0Poof / Zap gets lots of traffic…thousands of hits in a day. Yet I don’t think the RMN readers are connecting the dots as I only see a few hundred hits for the 1 hour special audio update from Zap that Hobie posted recently.

Please look down the page a bit and find the post by Hobie (as shown above) and realize that Poof…Zap…Jerzy are one in the same and the Humanus Foundation is his baby.

Realize that when you here Jerzy speak on the audio…you are actually hearing Zap in person and you will get a lot more intel from this audio than any bi-weekly update we post here…so be sure to hear this audio. It is about 1 hour long and well worth the time to listen.

I get the feeling many are not aware of the Humanus Foundation and the connection to the updates most readers crave here by Zap…so I am posting a link and everybody should visit the site and look all around at your future in the making.

Be sure to save the link. :)

Humanus Foundation



Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015

1-hour audio: April 8 Landa Global conference call (views: 420)
hobie — Tuesday, 14-Apr-2015 00:33:50

Found here:


…April 8 Landa Global conference call regarding release of funds for historical assets and proposed projects.

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