RV Updates: LANDA GLOBAL UPDATE, 17th MAY 2015.

money0(Posted & compiled by Rique Seraphico).

RE: Historical Bonds and Humanitarian Projects that Tony has spoken about:
Link: http://landachinaglobal.com/conferences.php

Very enlightening!

May 16, 2015

We have been advised that the historic bond redemption period is active next week, and the final pricings on all historic assets will be a closed session subject between the Redeemer and the Holder. All current pricings as previously advised to us are still an approximate value, and may be used as an arbitrary value point only.

If permitted, Landa will publish a new pricing list in the near future that is accurate, and that may be relied on.

All Project submissions to date are being processed and being prepared for formal start. Replies to submissions will be sent shortly as we finish our base infrastructure requirements.

The LanTrack system is being refined further, and the anticipated start schedule is still in this month.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

Thank You


Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of…


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