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Bruce:  It has been an interesting day. We have had a bit of everything, but not everything yet we have hoped to receive. Let’s go back to Iraq.

Iraq from my latest understanding is Iraq was quiet when certain laws were being passed and enacted and put in the Gazette. That has been the case and now acting on those laws.
Arresting quite an amount of people in Iraq.

We also know that they have put the monetary reform law in the Gazette where they have established what they going to do with their dinar in country and putting out the lower denominations.

That has appeared in the Gazette and essentially they announced of the RV put in the Gazette. We heard mid $5’s, can’t confirm that. I think basically gone on in Iraq they have done everything but announce the international rate to the world. I think that is coming very soon.

So things happening over there in terms getting all this to be working as we want it to work.
Only thing regarding that is they have had platform trade on the Zim been completed weeks ago. Same thing true with platform trades with dinar. That should close just before midnight tonight, that may reflect a rate change take place at or just after midnight tonight. It might end up being really good news for everybody tonight. We will see.

Let’s go back to out west. Everything is in a position where large humanitarian funders, those organizations we understood to be completely hydrated where they could start using the funds to send out large checks actually starting today.

Haven’t gotten confirmations yet this morning, but supposed to be the case. So we are right there on that. Humanitarian funders have their equity, total access to the funds so they can write checks against those accounts that is what we are looking for.

Going back to Iraq, opening trades with ISX internationally, participation in that was complete and taken in at the new rate as early as last night. That is moving along as it supposed to.

Regarding the CIPS system, that was to do high speed transfers between banks around the world to replace the SWIFT system.

CIPS system has been over engineered so it not move quite as fast to make sure everything going through it goes through properly. So wire transfers were taking place even a week or two week ago with 50, 52 seconds, today now taking an hour to hour and half.

So it is being monitored to make sure nothing neferious is taking place. I think it will go back to full speed. CIPS system operating.

IEX, another system going to replace the Forex, is one just being utilized because of greater capacity and speed versus the forex. What we are looking at globally with these currencies finding new value higher or lower depending on the country. IEX being put in place to supersede the forex.

We have 4 baskets of currencies. That might be something we might be able to discuss later. The first basket does not have the Iran Rial at this point, not one of the five currencies.

We know a lot happening in the redemption centers with the ZIM specific, they are specifically designed with the intake of the ZIM dollar being treated as a bond not a currency. A positive thing for those of us who hold ZIM. More of these centers have been added on the last few days because we understand more ZIM been purchased more the last few days than the last few years.

We know it going to be a very important part of this process so much so that Wells Fargo their high end net worth division knows as Abbott Downing, Abbott Downing working as the intake management team for ZIM. The redemption centers designed for ZIM will have Abbott Downing being part important part there. A real sequencing taking place between these banks.

When you call the 800 number, let the people know you have ZIM right away. They want to send you to a center specifically for the ZIM, and you will exchange your other currency as well along with your ZIM. They are offsite, some connected to the banks, and a few are.

One thing we heard from our team, Abbott Downing signage was in a very large BOFA branch.

Abbott Downing was the stage coach manufacturing name, the logo for Wells Fargo is the stage coach. That is the tie in between Wells Fargo and Abbott Downing. That is an ultra high worth management. That is not going to be an issue with anyone with ZIM.

You are setting yourself up to be a philanthropist. We can now hydrate the world, help millions of people.

We could get to billions of people. I really mean that. Because now if you got ZIM you will have more money to spend. Look up philanthropist and see what it says. Basically that is a new position for all of us and we will have to learn to do it properly and anonymously

Here we have the positively of Abbott Downing in B OF A. What is going on? I don’t have all the information on this. But we understand Abbot is working directly in these branches because some of the Merrill Lynch offices will become Abbott Downing offices. They will expand in all 50 states.

Yosef: I like to expand on this. We have had conversations on this. Let’s go over it again for the people. I like to know structure before I start things. The bones of this is quite a few of us redeem in a short time. Security is in place, major fires have been hosed down so to speak. They have overcome whatever obstacles. 209 countries have signed.

Abbott Downing became a bigger player we thought as far as redeeming the ZIM dollar which is a historical bond. Only currency in the first basket you can’t buy in a bank. It is very valuable because of the assets in the ground in ZIM. It is very valuable. It has to be handle with a kid glove to make sure it is handled properly.

So they brought in the top of the line bankers in the wealth management world.  Legally they are different entities, they serve the same clients, but entity separation is protected under its own domain. Pretty standard practice in international commerce.

WF retail bank will handle the redemption centers. WF private bank is also being used in some specific areas where it is need. Then Abbott Downing doesn’t have a lot of offices. So what they have done they have trained up larger group and placed them in their offices.

They are in charge redeeming the ZIM in the US and swooped in last center and placed their own people in the redemption centers.

You can redeem other currency with the ZIM, but if you have ZIM you will deal with 6 to 8 people at redemption center of Abbott Downing. They will put you in structure payouts.

Historical bonds if you have a lot of them put them in private placement agreement between yourself and the bank. It allows you to get in elite bank system of investments.

A very tight NDA you will have to follow.  You will be payout weekly, monthly, annually basis whatever you work out with the bank. You will earn interest also. Abbott Downing will redeem currency and give you USN. Same time redeeming you will move into an investment program because of ZIM historical bond.

Abbott Downing are separate from their other banking family in Wells Fargo. It is masterful the way they kept it from us to see it roll out at the very end and structured how higher minds put it together. If we are educated we are a lot calmer.

Bruce: Knowledge is power and helps when we have a base of knowledge and hope to increase our wisdom.

Yosef, everything points to us just about there, anything else you can share that puts us receiving our 800 number?

Yosef:  Where we are at, where the numbers are? Analogy when you buy a house, you walk through the house, do paperwork, appraisal, test all in house, and then a moment where everything comes together and you make the last signature and you have the keys. You are sitting down at the bank and you in the room, the equivalent we are in that room with the paperwork in front of us.

There will come  a moment in the near future we will be asked to take care of this home with this new money. Hear of buyer’s remorse?  I know I have had buyer’s remorse; you wind up growing into the house you buy and the mortgage payments.

You will by signing your name you are blessed, you will grow into your structure payout blessing. If a lot comes out of that, you will find a way to bless people with it. Abbott Downing use to handling generation wealth and the physiology of it. Everything handling ZIM can help people, you can bless everyone, do all of that.

Reality of that considers the amount of the structure payout it will continue to come and make phyla trophy of us all. “Some of us are ready for this. I trying to get people to be prepared to receive the kind of love that will rush through you because you will realize at the table this is a gift to take care of all your needs, and family needs. But by signing this paper, you are obligated to help people. If you are innocent, pure wanting to help people you will be protected and you have everything you need to help others.

Bruce: WE know this is a major transaction, biggest wealth transaction in the world. We are trying to prepare ourselves for that.

Josef: Philo means love of man in Latin.

Sue: Philanthropy to everyone listening will be standing in the position of meeting other philanthropists. It means you are giving and overseeing a larger scale of giving than most people use to. It is a strategic role where hour heart and larger service will be shared where people will help you to give this gift to people of the world.

Bruce:  Thank you Yosef.  I don’t want us to have buyer’s remorse. This is a large responsibility, but a blessing too. Learning is required. WE bring information on the Big Call, valuable things you can integrate into your minds, spirit and bodies so you are ready.

Yosef:  I want to thank Big Call universe, about 9 months ago I had your audience pray for my wife to have a child. WE actually had a baby girl who was born healthy. I want to thank you, Steven and Big call nation who lead their support to have this blessing. It helped me put it in perspective all of this.

WE are appreciative and humble. Thank you Bruce having a call to help us to be better philanthropist


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